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Episodes 177&178 - The Clip Show (a.k.a. The Chronicle)
pc: 921 season 9, episodes 21&22
Broadcast date: May 14, 1998

Written by Darin Henry
Directed by Andy Ackerman


The Cast
Jerry Seinfeld ......................  Jerry Seinfeld
Jason Alexander .................. George Costanza
Julia Louis-Dreyfus .............. Elaine Benes
Michael Richards .................. Cosmo Kramer


*Part 1 (only cut up for syndication)

[Jerry's Apartment]

GEORGE: (checking his watch) You know if we are gonna see this movie we gotta get moving.

(Kramer is seen exiting his Apartment through Jerry's open door)

ELAINE: Let's Roll (hand motions to hurry up)

(Kramer enters through the threshold)

KRAMER: Come on people, previews, Shnell! Shnell!

(Kramer, George and Elaine leave Jerry's and start down the hall; Jerry walking door the door putting on his coat, grabs the nob to leave then turns around and notices "us" the viewers)

JERRY: Oh, Hello. Nine years, seems like a long time doesn't it? It is, and we've packed a lot in the four of us, it seems like every week a whole new set of problems would just crop up outta nowhere...except for summer where nothing seemed to happen for months at a time. Anyway the point is over the last nine years...

GEORGE: (from the hallway off camera) Jerry were gonna miss the movie.

JERRY: (toward the door yelling) I'm comin'!

KRAMER (from the hallway off camera) Previews Jerry!

JERRY: (toward the door yelling) Just go already! (back to the viewers) Over the last nine years we've had a lot experiences. And I'll tell ya, when you stop and add em all up. That's what you realize. Watch this.

ELAINE: (from the hallway off camera) Jerry?!

JERRY: (toward the door yelling) SHUTUP!! (turn back toward the viewers and smilies and we break into clips)

*List of all the clips shown and their corresponding episode to be added later

*Part 2 (Only shown during syndication)

[Jerry's Apartment]

JERRY: Wow Nine years, A hundred and eighty shows (turns and looks toward his kitchen) same twelve boxes of cereal, and millions and millions of dollars.

(kramer runs into the locked door)

KRAMER: Jerry you in there?

JERRY: (toward the door) Busy (toward the viewers) We've made a lot of friends, shared a lot of laughs, often at the expense of others, and slept with.. well who's counting?

KRAMER: (trying to get in again) Ah man why's the door locked.

JERRY: I'm coming. Anyway watch this.

(Jerry opens the door and Kramer falls)

KRAMER: (getting back up) Jeez, (looking around) who you talking to?

JERRY: (walking out the door) No one.

KRAMER: (starts his way out closing the door; notices the viewers) Oh, Hello.

JERRY: (from the hallway off camera) KRAMER!

(Kramer smilies as he exits; Clips begin)

*List of all the clips shown and their corresponding episode to be added later

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