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Episodes 100&101 - Highlights of a Hundred  (a.k.a. The Clip Show)
pc: 623, season 6, episodes 14&15
Broadcast date: February 2, 1995

Written by Peter Mehlman
Directed by Andy Ackerman

*Aired as a hour show


*Part 1

[Jerry's Apartment]

(Jerry enters)

JERRY: (taking off his jacket) Oh, Hi. A hundred episodes, (hangs up his jacket) that's a lot. During the course of which George, Elaine, Kramer and I have had many experiences both positive and negative. Well mostly negative, there have been some relationships that haven't worked out ambitions that were unfulfilled, hopes dashed, some property damage, hurt feels, I know one guy got deported, physical injury an... alright maybe even a death or two. (begins his way over to the couch) But we've persevered because we're people... real TV people, and for thirty minutes a week (sits down on the couch) that's pretty important to us so if you're joining us late (grabs a remote) here's some highlights from what's happened so far. (holds the remote up and presses a button at which point we go into the clips from previous shows)

*List of all the clips shown and their corresponding episode to be added later

*Part 2 (only shown during syndication)

[Jerry's Apartment]

(Jerry Enters)

JERRY: Oh, Hi. I didn't realize you'd be back soo soon. You know after a hundred episodes this apartment has really seen a lot of action. George, Kramer, (looking down) that girl... (someone else not on camera says "Elaine") Elaine. But in the end it's really a show about people, (walks over to the couch and sits down on the arm) people who really care about each other and I think that says something, I guess, I dunno. Just watch (as this point we go into clips from previous shows)

*List of all the clips shown and their corresponding episode to be added later

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