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Food Trivia

July 13, 2003
Sein Language
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By: Ivy
I have a Mailing List...
All I send you is: upcoming episodes for the next 2 weeks.
(Great idea for those of you who are taping the show!)
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Hey everyone! No big news this month. Just want to wish our writer Vinney, a Happy Birthday! Also, an early Happy Birthday to Michael Richards who will be 55 on July 21st. Getting old buddy! As always, if you would like a birthday greeting on your birthday, please e-mail me with your first name and birthday.

Many of you are asking me when Jerry will be in your area, for a show. He is on tour right now. Simply go to and type in Jerry Seinfeld. You will see ALL of his tour dates listed. As always, after you go to a show, I want a review!  :o)

Oh, the Seinfeld Game Script is still going around. It's kinda, sorta, almost done. If you would like to add a line, please IM me or e-mail me, and I will send it to you immediately. We need to get this done. Thanks!!!

Berla is going to put his internet/newsletter game on hold for a little while. He's kinda busy at the moment, but as soon as he decides to start it up, I will be the first to let you know.

If you love Seinfeld and Kramer, take a look at the "FRIDAY'S" comedy website at
. Michael Richards and Larry David  were both cast members. This show was one of the funniest ever produced, and the genesis of the 'Kramer' character and 'CYE' are evident. Many of the characters in Seinfeld were played by other cast members of 'Fridays', and memorable plots came directly from sketches and characters from Friday's. Get a tape of the funniest bits from Friday's, and hope you don't bust a gut laughing.

If you're interested in the DVD, please e-mail
, and put COSMO on the subject line.

For those of you who are music fans or who are looking at getting into the music biz, check out they have tools for success - and it's run by a Seinfeld fan, Eric Kline.

Once again...
MANY MANY MANY of you are asking me for Seinfeld episodes on tape. Now, I do have them, but I am not selling them nor taping them. I do not have the time. Sorry. However, there is a way we may be able to help, thanks to Chris. He made a so-called "trading club on yahoo." This is a great way for people from all over to trade/sell with one another. Here's the link:
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Sound Of The Month
By: Chris

Hey Seinfeld fans! Well I finally got around to seeing Comedian and I was very impressed!  It was really an eye opener for me to see what comics like Jerry have to go through. Let me know your thoughts about the documenary. I'd love to see what other people's opinions of it were. Anyway, this week's sound is Jerry and George discussing the movement of pulp. Have a great month! 

What sound would you like to see featured?
me and I'll try my best!
Sein Language's
"Top Ten!"
By: Ivy

Top Ten People with Annoying Voices

10) Peterman
9) Donald's mom
8) Babu
7) Steinbrenner
6) Bob & Cedrick
5) Paul (High Talker)
4) Tina (Elaine's roomate)
3) Kenny Bania
2) Rava
1) Sally

Do you have of a good top ten idea you'd like for me to do, please e-mail me!
Site of the Month
By: Berla

This page isn't a full web site with loads of information. However it has an
extremely well done Flash Version of the Whale Story George tells in The
Marine Biologist. It's a must see for any Seinfeld Fan! Great Job Tracey.

The Stand In
Last Month By: Stranger34
This Month By: Mark

Last Month
Stranger34 chose to write an article.

This Month
My boyfriend, Mark, chose to do a game. Very simple and fun!

Choose your favorite Seinfeld character. Spell out their name. Then take each letter in their name and come up with an adjective describing them.
I will do Sue Ellen as an example. (SUE)


to the game by sending an E-mail to Mark
Responses must be received
by Wed, Aug 6th.

If you would like to do the Stand In section, please e-mail me!

News Guys' lists
By: Mike

Hello Sein fans! My name is Mike, some call me the News Guy. I have a web page:  NewsGuys Seinfeld Lists compiled of different listings, with much help and thanks to the many members of the newsgroup, These include cars that were mentioned on the show, the clothes worn, the crimes that occurred, the food eaten, the movies that were watched, and so on. I also have an episode guide and a lot of scripts! I would like to compile more to the site with your help. And of course if you have any suggestions, I'd be more than happy to hear them.

Larry David was in his mid teens when JFK was assassinated in Dealey Plaza. The effect of that tragic and audacious act and the unfolding of the events on TV that weekend will never be forgotten by people of that age group. Written into the episodes of "Seinfeld" were numerous references to the Kennedy clan and that shooting of JFK. Can you find them?

So please e-mail me
with any JFK references that you can think of: Mike
by Wed, Aug 6th.

Check back soon on NewsGuys Seinfeld Lists to see the results.
Silly Little Bios
By: Chris
Last Month
Ray McKigney

Sorry, winners were lost

This Month
He was the President of NBC until he fell head over heal for Elaine. Jerry and George staired at his daughters clevage causing their show to be cancelled. After quitting NBC, he joined the Green Peace trying to impress Elaine. However, he was never heard from again. Who is this character?

Do you know who this is? If so E-mail
me with your answer!
Responses must be received by Wed, Aug 6th.

The Lucky Person is...
funruckler got interviewed this month!
By: Berla

Berla: Hello there, I'd like to thank you so much for doing this month's interview.
funruckler: I'm glad to be here.
Berla: Seems many people aren't very interested in doing these interviews.
funruckler: Well I've always found it a boring section however the interview with Kenny Kramer was very nice. Kind of short though.
Berla: Yes it was quite short. So you've subscribed to the Newsletter for some time?
funruckler: Correct, it's had it's ups and downs but it's still a grand resource for Seinfeld fans.
Berla: I agree. I understand you saw Jerry live recently.
funruckler: Yeah it was an amazing show. Never saw him before and it was just indescribable.
Berla: Outstanding, favorite bit?
funruckler: His wedding stuff is just killer. I hope he releases another HBO special or at least an album.
Berla: Right an album would make sense seeing as how Cosby has release quite
a few. How were your seats for the show?
funruckler: I had 10th row. Which was decent I thought.
funruckler: Not so much anymore, they don't seem to play them all. Some play more than others I've found.
Berla: Yes that can be quite annoying if you want to see a certain episode. Have you seen all the eps?
funruckler: I think I have, however I've been to some sites with episode guides and there are a few I don't remember seeing.Berla: Do you remember one off hand?
funruckler: I don't think I saw The Bris.
Berla Ah The Bris, and excellent episode. A must see.
funruckler: I'll have to do that.
Berla: Do you have a favorite episode?
funruckler: I really like The Marine Biologist, the blow hole story is just hilarious.
Berla: LOL, Well I'd like to thank you for your interview, Is there anything you'd like to add?
funruckler: You Rule Jerry!
Berla: Awesome, thanks again.

What to be the next person to be interviewed?
Send a e-mail to Berla

By: Shem



1. George's secret ATM code was this chocolatey drink.
2. What beverage did George think the gang should bring to the dinner party?
3. Elaine and Jerry offered the virgin what beverage to drink?
4. What drink did Kramer, Mickey, and their dates want to drink, but they were out of?
5. What drink did Jerry's visitor ask for in the pilot episode?



What drink did George order when him and Jerry met Elaine's dad?
-Club soda, no ice

Impossible Winners

Trivia Masters

1. How long was Jerry's overdue library book?
2. George claims he owns how many pairs of underwear?
3. What is Jerry's apartment number?
4. How many years did "Seinfeld" run for?
5. How much money did Jerry leave in his laundry bag?

Impossible Question
How many times did Elaine claim that her and Jerry had sex when they were going out?

Respond to the trivia by sending an E-mail to Shem
Responses must be received
by Wed, Aug 6th.
Remember: you need to get ALL trivia right!
Don't just answer one, if you need help, e-mail me and I'll be more than happy as to give you hints.

Celebrities on Seinfeld
By: Chris

Last Month
What star of such movies as Super Troopers, O Brother Where Art Thou, and The Faculty played George's boss at his final job on the show?

Daniel Von Bargen (Kruger)

Sorry, winners were los

This Month
What star of such movies as "Hard Eight", "Bruce Almighty", and "Sum of All Fears" plays the classic character of Lt. Bookman, Library cop?

Send answers to: Chris

by Wed, Aug 6th.
Remember the Time When...
By: Shem

Jerry and George made up the voice?

Jerry and George: (doing the voice) Hello-o-o-o!
George: Hello-o-o-o Elaine!
Elaine: Whatَs that?
Jerry: Oh, itَs just this stupid thing.
Elaine: Well, Iَm sure itَs stupid. Itَs not about me, is it?
Jerry: (doing the voice) No-o-o-o.
George: (doing the voice) Not at all.
Elaine: Teeeell me!
Jerry: All right. You know this girl Clare I am seeing?
Elaine: Yeah.
Jerry: Well, he and I starting joking that when she falls asleep her stomach stays awake all night and talks to me.
Elaine: How is it talking?
Jerry: Well, her belly button is like a mouth. (doing the voice) Iَm bored. Talk to me.
Elaine: Oh I gotta start taking these "stupid" warnings more seriously.

ments that they want "remembered," e-mail me.
Reader's Poll
By: Ivy

Last Month's Question:
Who is your favorite MAIN character on Seinfeld?

Jerry                17
George            18
Elaine            2
Kramer            13

This Month's Question:
Is Bania's voice too annoying? Is Newman a little obnoxious? Peterman boring? Steinbrenner to silly for you? You tell me, what character on Seinfeld do you extremely hate? And why?

Send all poll responses to: Ivy

by Wed, Aug 6th.

Note: The Seinfeld NL writers have the right to edit any poll responses that we do not feel are appropriate for the Newsletter.

Do you know of a poll you would like seen on here?
E-mail me
and let me know!
Did you know? Seinfacts!
By: Shem

Did you ever notice that if you look closely there is a red-headed man who is a frequent extra on many episodes of Seinfeld?
Submitted by

Did you know that the Elaine character is loosely based on comedian, Carol Leifer who was a former girlfriend of Jerry Seinfeld.
Submitted by

In The Frogger episode, Kramer's electrician that he hires for george to rig the frogger, is one of the cast members on Julia Louis-Drefus' show "Watching Ellie".
Submitted by

Have a fact? Please e-mail me!
Stand Up

By: Ivy
I've been getting many e-mails from people asking me to repost Jerry's bit on marriage. So, here it is:

Dating/Marriage - I got married a couple years ago, a good step for me. Hopefully you'll get to a point in life where you want to complicate it, complicate your thinking alittle bit....Because when you're a single man; he think three things: I'd like to buy one of those, I'd like to go out with her, and I hope these guys win. That's why at sporting events you've got cheerleaders and some sort of car that drives around the field during the game. Guys are just, game, girl, car. Car, girl, game.
Sooo 47, lets just do the math roughly about 26 years, that's a lot of dating. That's a lot of acting fasinated. Do you know how exhausting that is? So your sister is leasing a Hyundai Elantra? I'd like to sleep with you, but I'm having trouble hanging in, I've got to be honest. No, I don't want another drink, but I'll take a Ritalin if you have it. What's wrong with my eye here? And you're lucky if you can get out, and meet someone that you like to be with...this is a great thing; you meet someone, someone you like to be with....the other thing about marriage that is good is that you get to reject....everybody else! When you get married they say - do you take this woman as opposed to these other losers.
Marriage? Is this the right thing....should I get married? Because when you read People Magazine, you read all the annoying celebrities with all their arrangements. And you want to know how they are...first they got married, then they got pregnant, then they started dating. Marriage was towards the end of the relationship. But I decided I couldn't live together, ah.....that's like living with a murderer in the house. You can't relax in the house. Everywhere you go, you know she's in're trying to sleep, you can't sleep, keep waking up in the middle of the night. I think I heard something downstairs...lets light the scented candle...
"Quote" Finisher/Locator
By: Shem

Last month's Quote Loator
"I know the chunky that left these chunkies... NEWMAN!"

The Doodle


This Month's Quote Finisher
"Knowing you is like going into the jungle...

Send answers to: Shem
by Wed, Aug 6th.
Shem's Stuff
By: Shem

Seinfeld's Good Manners
Do not buy a sweater with a red dot on it and expect people to want to wear it.

Make sure you are positive that a girl has a breast implant before breaking up with them.

Crazy Ideas
George - Leaving his car in the parking space at Yankee Stadium to make it look like he was working overtime
Submitted by

Kramer - The Bro, a bra designed for men
Submitted by

Kramer - Using a rubber ball to help put an end to maritime oil spills

Terms & Phrase
Double Dipping - Dipping a chip in the dip, and then dipping it a second time
Food Trivia
By: Oyeniran
Last Month
What items cost Jerry $11 even though he did not order them?


Muffin, sandwich, and coffee


This Month
What was George eating out of a jar in "The Wallet (1)?"

Send Food Answers to: Oyeniran by Wed, Aug 6th.
Please - no descriptions (if asked the name of an episode).
Send me the episode title.
Here's an episode guide that may help (Episode List
By: Berla
This Month Cont.
The Script is still going around.
It's more than half way done...
If you would like to add a line, please e-mail me (Ivy) and let me know!  :o)

Last Month
Since we had only 2 people attempt to get all the answers right last month
we are going to try these again with added hints.

This Week
The Game section is going to be alittle different for a couple months. I will be giving  out a very sweet prize. A few, in fact. Details will be on my site, which you have to go to, to see "the deal." It's well worth it, so GO! Go now!

Answer ALLLL the questions. The final question is an add on. So please try it. You will only get credit for completion if all 10 questions are answered. Some are easy some are hard. Email me if you get stuck.

1. What is George's secret code?
2. Why does Mr. Pitt miss the Poland Creek Bottled Water meeting? (has to do
with Kramer)
3. When did Susan Ross die? (date)
4. What is the first nickname George acquires? (He wanted T-Bone; What did he get instead)
5. Who does Jerry go to the Super Bowl with?
6. How long was Kramer on strike for? (#years)
7. What does Kramer tell George to put on his "mooching inventory" tab?
8. Which episode introduces Pennypacker, Vandelay, and Varnsen to each other? (*cough* they banned it for a while)
9. What would you get from Pisano's if you were part of the Seinfeld universe? (George bought food at Pisano's for Mr. Steinbrenner)
10. What does Elaine think is an image of Mr. Magoo? (Has to do with George)

How do all these episode tie together?

Hint: John Houseman

E-mail me with your answer!
Responses must be received by Wed, Aug 6th.
In "The Abstinence," Kramer got in trouble for smoking in the coffee shop, but in "The Stock Tip," George smokes in the coffee shop.

In "The Boyfriend, Part 1" the unemployment officer asks George for companies where he has been looking for work and he says Vandelay Industries. Why did he have to make up a place when he had a job interview in "The Nose Job" and had a job in "The Red Dot".
Seinfeld Quotes
By: Vinney
Vinney's Picks (or No Pick)
"You gotta see the baby. Again with the baby. When are you gonna see the baby? Why can't they just send us a tape?" - Jerry

"Uromysotysis. I wonder if they're having any trouble controlling themselves during this trial! Perhaps these two hooligans would like to have a pee party right here in the courtroom"! - Mall security guard

From the Fans
George- I think I understand this. J. Peterman is real. His biography is not. Now, you, Kramer, are real.

Kramer- Talk to me.
George- But your life is Peterman's. Now, the bus tour, which is real, takes you to places that while they did not really happen to the real Peterman, which is you.
Kramer- Understand?
Jerry- Yeah, $37.50 for a Three Musketeers. (from   

"He spit on us!"-Newman (from

Last Month
"I know Jerry. He's not a Nazi. He's just neat."- Kramer
What was the Nazi's name?

It was O'Brien. Not
Yev Kasam the Soup Nazi.



This Month
"You will show me The Stooges"?
Who said it? (hint: it was a woman.)

me with your answer!
Responses must be received by Wed, Aug 6th.

GBA (God Bless America) guys!!!!!

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