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November 12, 2000
Sein Language
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Vinney Dee

By: Ivy

I have a Mailing List.
All I send you is: upcoming episodes for the next 2 weeks.
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Message from James!
Hey, everybody: You ever ask yourself "Where can I find a real swinging
shindig of some groovy Seinfeld-loving kats on-line?" If so, besides your
needing to lay off the Brady Bunch re-runs, I've got just the place for you!
has everything you need to satisfy your Seinfeld-conversing needs.

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Maybe it should be called Ben and Jerry and Jerry's.
The famous Vermont ice cream purveyors have teamed with Jerry Seinfeld to license and create a new flavor, Festivus, inspired by the comic's former TV show.
Named after the holiday George Costanza's father coined to replace Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza, Festivus--according to Seinfeld tradition--is a time for families to gather round and air their grievances.
But for Ben, Jerry and Jerry, Festivus is also a time to celebrate the silly side of the holidays, and what better way to do that than to introduce a new bovine-based concoction.
The dairy-loving duo have whipped up a weighty holiday scoop made up of a dreamy confection of brown sugar ice cream laced with gingery caramel and chewy chunks of gingerbread.

The limited-edition ice cream, which is on store shelves now, comes in a container featuring a cartoon based on NBC hit, complete with classic Seinfeldian holiday greetings, like, "Let's put the fun in dysfunction."
Festivus is the latest Ben and Jerry's creation inspired by a celebrity. Other famous flavors include Cherry Garcia, named after legendary Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia, Phish Food, in honor of the rock band Phish, and Dilbert's World Totally Nuts Ice Cream, after the comic strip, of course.
To read about it yourself click

Further news... Jerry Seinfeld and wife Jessica Sklar became the proud parents of a baby girl on tuesday Nov. 7th. Sascha Seinfeld was born at an undisclosed New York hospital. Congrats Jerry!
To read more, click

If anyone has any news on Seinfeld or comments on the newsletter, we would love to hear them!

This Week On Seinfeld
By: Ivy

Saturday 11/11 or Sunday 11/12 - The Cartoon
Monday 11/13 - The Frogger
Tuesday 11/14 - The Slicer
Wednesday 11/15 - The Betrayal
Thursday 11/16 - The Apology
Friday 11/17 - The Strike
Saturday 11/18 or Sunday 11/19 - The Burning
Monday 11/20 - The Stand-In
Tuesday 11/21 - The Wife
Wednesday 11/22 - The Fire
Thursday 11/23 - The Raincoats (Part 1)
Friday 11/24 - The Raincoats (Part 2)

Go here to find scripts for these episodes:
Thanks to
Ian's Seinfeld Scripts!!!
Pick Of The Week
By: Chris

Monday 11/13 - The Frogger

Jerry is looking to breakup with Lisi, but discovers that she lives in Riverside Park area. To avoid the serial killer, he takes Lisi back to his place where she finishes one of his thoughts that takes their relationship to the next level. Elaine tells Jerry and George about the cake and she also tells Jerry that Lisi is planning a weekend trip for them to Pennsylvania Dutch country. Jerry fears that Lisi received the wrong message as that kind of a trip is for a serious relationship. Elaine tries to even out Peterman's slice of cake, but gets swept up in the moment and finishes it off. George tries to coordinate the movement of Frogger machine. Elaine looks for a replacement for Peterman's cake, Kramer suggests an Entemann's cake. Jerry goes to Lisi's apartment, where he tries to break up with her. It goes on for ten hours, when he is ready to leave he discovers it is dark out. After exiting her apartment, he sees a man whom he fears is the serial killer and pleads to be let back in. Peterman has his piece of cake appraised at $2.19. When George finds "Slippery Pete" playing his Frogger game on battery power; it is discovered there only about three minutes of power remaining. The only available power source is across the busy street and Kramer has run out of caution tape. It's up to George to get the Frogger machine across the street; however there is no chance of a high score in this game. Later, Peterman shows Elaine surveillance videotape of her eating and "dancing" with the slice of cake; he is convinced that the age of the cake and its effect on her digestive system are all the punishment she needs.
Sound Of The Week

This week's sound is another real player file with George and Jerry talking about their favorite explorers. Have a great week everyone!

What sound would you like to see featured?
me and I'll try my best!
Silly Little Bios
By: Chris

Last Week
Farful the dog

* answered last weeks correctly and I forgot to add his name

This Week
This week's silly bio is about another one of the gang's friends.  He was an alcoholic that was going through the 12 steps of AA, one of which was to apologize to everyone he ever did any wrong to.  He apologized to Jerry for calling him Gary a few years ago but failed to apologize to George for the "drafty apartment, give a way met life wind breaker" situation.  George took great exception to this and demanded for his apology.  He eventually gave an "apology" which George did think was an apology and this drove him back to being angry and then we never hear from him again.

Do you know who this is? If so
me with your answer!
Responses must be recieved by
Friday, Nov. 17th.
The Lucky Person is...
  No one got interviewed this week!
By: Chris

Due to lack of interest by the people asked to be interviewed this week there is now Interview section. If you would like to be interviewed PLEASE e-mail me at Thanks!

What to be the next person to be interviewed?
Send a e-mail to

Ask the Staff

You can e-mail anyone of us. You can ask us anything you like. It can be personal (not too personal, haha) or
something related to Seinfeld. Feel free to ask us anything!

Ivy   Chris   Vinney   Allie   Andy   James   Kevin
By: Kevin

Nothing was sent to me!
Respond to the trivia by sending E-mail to Kevin
Responses must be recieved by
Friday, Nov. 17th.
Remember: you need to get ALL trivia right!
Celebrities on Seinfeld
By: Chris

Last week
What two morning news (i.e The Today Show) reporters appeared on Seinfeld as themselves?

What I was thinking when I asked this question was the Bryan Gumble and Al Roker were the 2 TV Anchor people in the morning.  But other people said Regis and Kathie Lee and I counted that too.


This Week
What animal expert appeared in Kramer's apartment on his edition of "The Merv Griffen Show" and brought an Eagle with him?

Send answers to:

by Friday, Nov. 17th.
By: Allie

Last Week
What is the law firm that Vanessa (in "the Stakeout") worked for?
*This is the first time we here of Art Vandelay!*


Sagman, Bennet, Robbins, Oppenheim and Taft


This Week
What company did George persuade Jerry into investing in the stock market?

Send answers to: Allie
by Friday, Nov. 17th.
Remember the Time When...
By: Ivy

When Jerry and Kramer switch places (The Kenny Rogers Roasters Episode)?

Jerry: Hey Buddy, I'm on no sleep, NO SLEEP! You don't know what it's like in there! All night long things are creeping and crawling, and that red light is burning my brain!
Elaine: You look a little stressed.
Jerry: (With the waving hand motion that Kramer does) Oh I'm stressed!
(Thanks to

Small funny moments
Jerry: THe wheels and the bus go round and round
Kramer: THe woman across the street's got nothing on nothing on nothing on
Jerry: THe wheels on the bus go swish swish swish swish....- The Contest

Jerry: Whos watching the factory?
Kramer: Factory?
Jerry: The saab factory
Kramer: Jerry thats in sweden - THe Puerto rican day
(Thanks to

If anyone has any ideas to make this better or moments that they want "remembered," e-mail me.
Reader's Poll
By: Andy

Last Week's Question:
Between Jerry, George, Elaine, & Kramer, whose apartment is the nicest and why? Whose would you want to live in?

Even though Kramer's was wild and crazy, I would still prefer Jerry's, nice and clean!

I'd want to live in George's bachelor pad. He's got the baseball bed sheet set, the dinosaurs on his headboard, mets throw pillows in his living room, he's stripped down to the waste eating a hunk of cheese, and somehow it still looks nice tidy!

The neatest person's appartment has got to be George. We all know probably the longest George has ever kept a job was for a month so it's easy to say "George can't afford anything!" I would most prefer to live in Kramer's appartment.  He has a lot of usless junk and it seems to be a rockin' kind of place. I think Mr. Marbles may scare me a little though.

I personally think Elaine has the nicest apartemnt, although they didnt show it as much as Jerrys, it was pretty huge I thought and it always seemed very very clean,and the one thing that makes it better then Jerrys, is you dont have Kramer living right across the hall, ready to barge in whenever he wants to.

I would want t o live in Jerry's apartment because it is the neatest and it is where most of the action occurs.  I would like my place to be where everyone meets.  Plus he always has good cereal around.  And I love that pic of the Porsche on the wall.

Jerry's and Jerry

definitely Elaine's! Hers was so nice, and decorated.

I would want to live in Kramer's apartment because I 've always wanted an indoor hot tub.

Jerry's apartment is the nicest because he is a clean freak and everyone seems to always hang out there.

I'd totally want to live in Jerry's apartment. It's so cool. It has toys, food, a comfy couch and it just has that "come in and hang out" appearance.

Kramer's for is like a never ending cavern that has things like screen doors and hot-tubs just show up in it.   And it seems to change every time you see it......definately the most exciting to live in!!

This Week's Question:
Of the fab four, who has the best wardrobe and why? Base your answer on the total transition from the first episode to the last (because let's face it, the wardrobe did change).

Send all poll responses to:
by Friday, Nov. 17th.

Note: The Seinfeld NL writers have the right to edit any poll responses that we do not feel are appropriate for the Newsletter.

Do you know of a poll you would like seen on here?
E-mail me and let me know!
Sein Chat
Host: Allie

Greetings and Salutations fellow Seinfeld fans! This Monday, Nov. 13th at 10PM Eastern will be the Sein Chat! Now, if you are a TRUE Seinfeld fan you will come! No excuses...just go to Ivy's Seinfeld Page (click on chat room). I will be your host! Come and chat about Seinfeld, play some trivia, or get the wonderful opportunity to talk to the 7 brilliant people who bring you this newsletter every week! I know I will see ALL of you there! 
If anyone has a better time for the SeinChat please feel free to e-mail me!

Adios Muchacho!
Did you know? Seinfacts!
By: Allie

Kramer was named Kessler in the first episode: The Seinfeld Chronicles?

The character of Elaine wasn't in the first episode: The Seinfeld Chronicles?

Have a fact? Please
e-mail me!

Stand Up
By: Chris

The thing I don't understand about the suicide person is the people who try to commit suicide, for some reason they don't die, and that's it. They stop trying. Why don't they just keep trying? What's changed? Is their life any better now? No, in fact, it's worse, because now they've found out here's on more thing you stink at. And that's why these people don't succeed at life to begin with. They give up too easy.
I say, pills don't work? Try a rope. Car won't start in the garage? Get a tune-up. There's nothing more rewarding than reaching a goal you've set for yourself.
Character Bios!
By: Ivy

The Man behind Bruce Mahler (Rabbi Glickman)...

Bruce was born on Aug. 2, 1950. Now works for Jerry Seinfield as his writer and stars on Jerry live on HBO (or if you get it) Bruce's last movie was Police Academy 6 but show was 'Seinfeld' and now buys company stock off of All That which airs on Nickelodeon and helps out with Lance Kinsey on WCW light co-ordinator. Has appeared several times on All That and Seinfeld.

Is there someone you would like to know more about? Please e-mail me.
"Quote" Finisher
By: Andy

Last Week
"You can't keep this up, don't you know what's gonna happen, every time you shave it..."

"'s gonna come in thicker, and fuller, and darker." (Oh the perils of a man shaving in areas others than his face. Kramer to Jerry in "The Muffin Tops.")


This Week
"Yeah, interest, it's an amazing thing..."

NOTE: Remember that above all, I'm looking for the quote to be finished, then if you can tell me who said it and what episode it can from, that would be nice too.

Send answers to: Andy
by Friday, Nov. 17th.
By: James
Chris filling in!!!


James is taking a break for a bit so in the mean time send all responses to Chris!

Last Week

1) Cinnamon                     _ _ _ O _ _ _ _ _
2) 8-Ball                      _ _ _   _ O _ _
3) Susie                        _ _ _ _ O _
4) Frank                           _ _ _ O _
5) Golden Boy      _ _ _ _   _ _ _ O
6) Newman                 _ _ _ _ _ O
7) Christmas          _ _ _ _ _ _ _ O

What's the answer straight down?

1. Cinnamon - Chocolate
2. 8-Ball - Full Coat
3. Elaine
4. Morty
5. Baby Blue
6. Fargus
7. Festivus

Answer down is "CONTEST"


This Week
Do you know your Seinfeld numbers?

1. How many times according to Elaine have her and Jerry had sex?
2. How many times has George had sex in an inappropriate place?
3. What did George want to name his child if he had one?
4. What time did Jerry tell his deaf date (tennis player) he'd pick her up at?
5. At the Chinese Rest., how many were to be seated (Seinfeld _ )?
6. How many Cubans did Jerry bring back from Florida for Kramer?
7. How much money does Jerry's grandma put in his b-day each year?

What's your total? ___

Send answers to: Chris
by Friday, Nov. 17th.
Ivy's Stuff

Seinfeld's Good Manners
If a guest brings food, such as a loaf of bread, to your dinner party, serve it.

Crazy Ideas
Kramer -  A roll-out tie dispenser.

Terms & Phrases
Double dipper -  A person who dips a chip, takes a bite, and dip same chip again!

(Thanks to Allie)
Food Trivia
By: Ivy

Last Week
In which episode do we see Kramer eating a Giant Lolipop?


The Betrayal


This Week
In which episode was Jerry and George talking about how confusing Salsa and Seltzer sound similar?

Send Food Answers to: Ivy by Friday, Nov. 17th.
Please - no descriptions. Send me the episode title.
Here's an episode guide that may help (
Episode List

In the episode where George is caught peeing in the shower at the health club, Elaine asks Jerry and Kramer if they would do the same under the same circumstances. Kramer responds by saying "I take baths." But later on in the Germaphobe episode and also the Low Pressure Spray Shower episode, Kramer is taking showers in both of them.
(Thanks to

Know of a spoof, any mistake you found on Seinfeld?
Please e-mail them to anyone of us, thanks!

Ivy   Chris   Vinney   Allie   Andy   James   Kevin
Seinfeld Quotes
By: Vinney Dee

Vinney's Picks (or No Pick)

"I just threw away a lifetime of guilt-free sex and floor seats to every sporting event in Madison Square Garden. So, please, a little respect, for I am Costanza, Lord of the Idiots." - George

"Jerry, I discovered something better than conjugal visit sex- fugitive sex." - George

From the Fans

"To me, that button is in the worst possible spot. The second button is the key button. It literally makes or breaks the shirt. Look at it. It's too high! It's in
no-man's land!! You look like you live with your mother!!!" -Jerry to George (

"How could anyone not like him?"- Helen Seinfeld (

"My Home Elaine, My home, where I eat, where I sleep, where I come to play with my toys." - Jerry (

Send in your quotes!
Click here.

Last Week
"Ah! Elaine, shiks-appeal is a myth, like the Yeti, or his North American cousin, the Sasquatch." Who said this- a name please?

It's the lovable Rabbi Glickman.
Several thought it was Mr. Peterman, because of the "Ah, Elaine."


Quote Trivia for this week
"Believe me, you can count on Slippery Pete." - Kramer
What was Slippery Pete going to do?

Do you know who this is? If so
E-mail me with your answer!
Responses must be recieved
by Friday, Nov. 17th.
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