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January 1, 2001
Sein Language
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This Week On Seinfeld
By: Ivy

Monday 1/1 - The Junior Mint
Tuesday 1/2 - The Clip Show
Wednesday 1/3 - The Finale
Thursday 1/4 - The Implant
Friday 1/5 - The Virgin

Go here to find scripts for these episodes:
Thanks to
Ian's Seinfeld Scripts!!!
Pick Of The Week
By: Chris

Monday, January 1 "The Junior Mint"

Jerry has a date with a woman whose name he has forgotten, but it "rhymes with a
female body part." Could it be "Mulva"? Elaine visits an old boyfriend who's in the hospital for an operation; he was once fat, thin she's interested again. Kramer gets an opportunity to witness the operation and he drags Jerry along, while watching they have an accident with a "Junior Mint."
Sound Of The Week

This weeks sound of the week is Jerry's
standup bit about how no one cares about Insects, not even animal rights activists. I hope you have had a Happy Festivus and have a Happy New Year! I know I'll be thinking about Newman's party because it would have been going on this year. What a great time that would be. Seeya!

What sound would you like to see featured?
me and I'll try my best!
Silly Little Bios
By: Chris

Last Week



This Week
Huge Jerry Seinfeld fan. Him and his father would sit around and watch him on TV His father came to Monk's and found Jerry and Elaine sitting there. He told them the story about his son, the Bubble Boy. The father talked Jerry to come out and see his son, to cheer him up. Jerry and Naomi go with George and Susan to Susan's father's cabin, they figure they will meet with the Bubble Boy up there. George started to speed the whole way there (to make good time) and Jerry got lost. So George and Susan showed up early and took on the Bubble Boy in a soon to be classic game of trivial pursuit. Then, there was the classic question to which the Bubble Boy answered "It's the Moors." Only to find that the card had the misspelling of "The Moops, I'm sorry the card says Moops." Eventually George and the Bubble Boy got into a fight that sent the Bubble Boy to the hospital and George and the group running from the towns people.

Do you know who this is? If so
me with your answer!
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Friday, Jan. 5th.
The Lucky Person is...
TSnyder752|at| got interviewed this week!
By: Chris

This week I interviewed Tim (TSnyder752|at| This is actually a very interesting interview and I hope you all read through it. Oddly enough, Tim, as a newly wed, found quite a few similarities between Seinfeld and that experience. So read below to find out all about Tim!

SeinfeldLang: Hey Tim! Thanks for doing this interview! Let me start out by asking you who your favorite character was and why.
TSnyder752: My only non-favorite character is Elaine, I love the other 3, each has a style that I love, Jerry is witty, George is paranoid, and Kramer is Kramer. I can identify with George a lot though especially when he gets upset. They all worked so well together it was hard to pick a favorite
SeinfeldLang: You know some would say that being able to relate with George is a bad thing.
TSnyder752: I'm not totally George but sometimes he just speaks my language
SeinfeldLang: Ahh, I see
SeinfeldLang: What was your favorite George moment?
TSnyder752: Probably the Independent George bit, since I'm a newlywed I can really relate to the worlds colliding theory, and it's true
SeinfeldLang: Humm, I have yet to experience that :-) Was that part of your favorite episode or do you have another?
TSnyder752: I think my favorite episode would have to be the Invitations, again it's one that I experienced first hand, all except the fiancee dieing. I was constantly throwing out lines from that one, especially when we picked out the invitations.
SeinfeldLang: Yes that was a very funny episode! I'm sensing that as a newlywed you're finding a lot of things in Seinfeld that tie to that experience even though the show was based one 4 people that stay single for 9 years or their adult life. What do you think about that?
TSnyder752: even though the show was based on single people they were always in some kind of relationship, usually bad ones destined to fail, but relationships still. I think it centered more around each one's quest to find their perfect match or at least the one they act happy with
SeinfeldLang: Well Tim, thanks again for you time to do this interview. I hope you and your wife have fun watching many years of Seinfeld! Is there any last thing you would like to tell all the Seinfeld fans out there?
TSnyder752: yea, never lose hope, I see a reunion episode in the near future, not quite a new years prediction but it's the best my crystal ball will do.......Happy Festivus
SeinfeldLang: Haha :-) Yes, and Happy Newmanium to all of you!

**NOTE: If I have talked to you about doing an interview and we haven't worked out a time yet, please e-mail me at seinlang|at| or look for me online AOL SN: SeinfeldLang. Thanks all!**

What to be the next person to be interviewed?
Send a e-mail to

By: Andy



1) What "excuse" did Elaine use in Male Unbonding?
--(there is actually 2) "Choir practice" or "we've got to get to the hospital to see if we qualify as organ donors."
2) How Long did it take Kramer to get Jerry to Yankee Stadium in traffic?
--15 minutes
3) What organizational dinner did Kramer attend as a guest of Mel Torme?
--American Association of Mentally Challenged Persons
4) How much did George pay for the wine in The Dinner Party?
--$12.95 ($13.50 with tax)
5) In what episode did Kramer make his first real "entrance" into Jerry's apartment?
--The Robbery


In The Abstinence, What kind of comedy bit did Jerry write for the school assembly?
--20 minute bit on how Homework Stinks


Trivia Masters


1) On what show did Kramer promote his "Coffee Table Book?"
2) What board game were Kramer and Newman playing that had to be left at Jerr's for him to watch?
3) What ballplayer needed to hit two home runs in a game to help Kramer get the birhtday card back?
4) Who hosted the "Today Show" when Jerry wore the "Puffy" shirt?
5) What is the name of Jerry's barber?

What is the name of the man Babs went out with and who owns the jacket that Kramer wants?

Respond to the trivia by sending E-mail to Chris
Responses must be recieved by
Friday, Jan. 5th.
Remember: you need to get ALL trivia right!
Celebrities on Seinfeld
By: Chris

Last week
What news anchor and former talk show host appeared on Seinfeld in the Final season as the narrator of the whole "New York Four" trial?

Geraldo Rivera
NOTE: Actrss16|at| actually met Geraldo! "I actually saw him about a month ago in Red Bank, NJ, and we had a conversation about Seinfeld. He actually pointed out that I look like Elaine, and he said that he really enjoys Seinfeld and was sad to see it end!")


This Week
What late night host for CBS canceled Jerry's appearance on his show when he found out about his flop at Career Day. He also kept on calling Jerry, Jimmy.

Send answers to:

by Friday, Jan. 5th.
By: Allie

Last Week
What book did George use in Brentano's book store that was "flagged?"


French Impressionist Paintings


This Week
What was George's title at the Yankees?

Send answers to: Allie
by Friday, Jan. 5th.
Remember the Time When...
By: Ivy

Jerry and Kramer are arguing about Kramer playing himself in "The Pilot?"

Kramer: Why can't I play Kramer?

Jerry: We've been through this before. You're not an actor.

Kramer: Neither are you.

Jerry: I know. So why do we need two people on the show that can't act.

Kramer: How hard is it!? You say something and I'll pretend it's funny.

Jerry: My grandmother's in the hospital. (Kramer laughs) Oh, this is real believable.

Kramer: What! You didn't think I was really laughing?

Jerry: It stinks!

Kramer: All right! You try it.

Jerry: Say something funny.

Kramer: I've never been to Mars, but I imagine it's quite nice there. (Jerry laughs) Oh, come on! Mine was better than that. (They both try to outlaugh each other. George comes in)

George: Why are you two pretending to be laughing?

Jerry: We're acting.

George: Right.

(Thanks to nirbraves|at|

If anyone has any ideas to make this better or moments that they want "remembered," e-mail me.
Reader's Poll
By: Andy

Last Week's Question:
Being that the Holidays, Christmas, Channukah, Festivus, Kwaanza are here, tell me the one present you'd get Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer (and any other characters if you want).

I would send Kramer some Cubans, not cigars but real Cubans since the last time he got Dominican republicans and he lost that deal.

I would definitely get Elaine something skimpy like lingerie so she strut around in it!

I'd get them a big screen TV.

This Week's Question:
This has nothing to do with Seinfeld, but seeing that this is soon to be the new year, what are some of your new year resolutions?

Send all poll responses to:
by Friday, Jan. 5th.

Note: The Seinfeld NL writers have the right to edit any poll responses that we do not feel are appropriate for the Newsletter.

Do you know of a poll you would like seen on here?
E-mail me and let me know!
Did you know? Seinfacts!
By: Allie

In the first episode Jerry's neighbor's name was "Hoffman" aka Kramer.

Did you know that the character of Lloyd Braun was played by two different people? One in "The Nonfat Yogurt" and the other in "The Serenity Now"....insanity later!

Have a fact? Please
e-mail me!

Stand Up
By: Chris

I am getting a little tired of pretending I'm excited every time it's somebody's birthday. I mean really, at this point, what is the big deal? How many time do we have to celebrate that someone was born?
Every year, every person, over and over?
All you did was not die for twelve months!
Character Bios!
By: Ivy

The Man behind Pat Finn II a.k.a Joe Mayo...

His real name is Patrick Cassidy Finn. He was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Is married to Donna Crowley and has 2 children. Pat is an alumnus of Chicago's ImprovOlympia improvisation troupe. Fellow members include the late Chris Farley, Ian Gomez, Jon Favreau, Tim Meadows, and Rachel Drach. Graduated from Coughlin High School in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Was a weatherman and a disc jockey in San Francisco. He still is the host of the game show "Shop 'Til You Drop. "Works for In-Finn-Ity Direct products to where he produces shows. He has hosted over 700 shows on "Shop 'Til You Drop" on 3 different networks.

Is there someone you would like to know more about? Please e-mail me.
"Quote" Finisher
By: Andy

Last Week
"I don't understand these pigeons, they're breaking the deal; it's like..."

"...the pigeons decided to ignore me!"
(Said by George in The Merv Griffin show ep)


This Week
"You know, we're living in a society! We're supposed......"

NOTE: Remember that above all, I'm looking for the quote to be finished, then if you can tell me who said it and what episode it can from, that would be nice too.

Send answers to: Chris
by Friday, Dec 15th.
By: Andy

Last Week
Name as many animals as you can that were mentioned on the show.


1. pigeon - merv griffin
2. squirrel- merv griffin
3. hawk-merv griffin
4. whale-marine biologist
5. dog- many times but 1 example is Seinfeld chronicles "Good dog" says George when Kramer lets the dog in and it jumps onto George
6. parrot- the strong box
7. cow- reference to George's morbidly obese wallet
8. pony - the pony remark
9. frog - the frogger "He looks like little frog"
10. moose-friars club- the crest
11. cat- the busboy-lost his cat
12. Bull- The Stakeout: JERRY: Ahh, high finance: bulls.. Bears.. People from
13. bear- (see above)
14. Rabbit-stakeout- bit at end of show-It's like two magicians, trying to entertain each other. The one goes, "Look, a rabbit." The other goes, "So?.. I believe this is your card."
15. chicken- the chicken roaster
16. fish - the parking garage, "My fish is dying!"
17. horse - The Rye: Rusty, or when in The Strike Elaine says "How'd my horse
do?"-he had to be shot
18. bird (in general) - flew into Elaine's giant "freak head"
19. monkey - "koko the monkey"
20. dolphin - The stock tip:"jerry:oh the dolphin thing? Elaine: they're dying in the nets." and then George orders a tuna sandwich
21. salmon- The Opposite-Jerry: You know chicken salad is not the opposite of
tuna, salmon is the opposite of tuna, 'cos salmon swim against the current, and the tuna swim with it.
22. tuna - The Opposite (see above)
23. turkey - "more wine and turkey?"- the merv griffin show
24. snake - when Elaine leaves an anonymous message on Jerry's tape recorder
and when Elaine's talking to George about it she goes "Something like this?
'I wanna slide my tongue over you like a snake"
25. mouse-Merv Griffin:"The only gum I ever liked came with the Mickey Mouse
gumball machine. "
26. lion - merv griffin -"You never see him. He sidled me again in my office.
I was sitting there making a cup of soup, singing that song from "The Lion King"
27. penguin-The Robbery; Part of Jerry's bit-Very few crooks even go to the
trouble to come up with a theme for their careers anymore. It makes them
a lot tougher to spot. "Did you lose a Sony? It could be the Penguin.. I think we can
round him up, he's dressed like a PENGUIN! We can find him, he's a PENGUIN!"
28. carp-The Stocktip-JERRY: Yeah. We can fish. What? Blues, carp, marlin?
29. marlin-The Stocktip-VANESSA: They have marlin in Vermont?
30. pig - Kramer saw a man that looked like a pig
31. Dove - The Jacket; Kramer:"He asked me to take care of his doves"
32. hen- Frank:"you got the hen, the chicken and the rooster. The rooster goes with the chicken. So, who’s having sex with the hen?"
33. rooster- see above

Great Job to all of you!

This Week
I'm going to describe five episodes. Your job is to name all five. Don't give the name title, but the number episode. For example....George was having a hard time getting a twix from a candy machine while Elaine was having a relationship problem. Now you would say, The Dealership, which is episode 167. You will need to know only the number. After you know all five, you add up all the numbers and e-mail them to me! That simple! Now, have fun!

1) Jerry hears the voice of a mysterious woman who talks dirty into his tape recorder and everyone becomes excited by the voice.
2) Jerry gets a dry cleaning discount while George pees in a health club shower.
3) Elaine has an out of country runner as her house guest. The runner had overslept and missed the big race at the last Olympics and Jerry obsesses with ensuring that it doesn't happen again.
4) Jerry's girlfriend walks around his apartment naked; she even eats breakfast and plays Scrabble naked.
5) Jerry, Elaine & George volunteer to help the elderly.

What's your total?! ___

Send answers to: Chris
by Friday, Jan 5th.
Ivy's Stuff

Seinfeld's Good Manners
Always offer someone a snapple

Crazy Ideas
George - Having the deaf woman lip read for him

Kramer - Make your own pizza store

Terms & Phrases
Certifiably Nice - when a person goes to an extreme to be nice to other people (ex. taking members of the older generation to a museum or theater)
Food Trivia
By: Andy

Last Week
How long do the Macinaw Peaches stay Ripe?


2 Weeks


This Week
In the Nonfat Yogurt episode, what flavor did Newman like?

Send Food Answers to: Chris by Friday, Jan. 5th.
Please - no descriptions. Send me the episode title.
Here's an episode guide that may help (
Episode List

Last week we mentioned that in "The Postponement" George has trouble smoking the cigarette to get Susan to dump him, but in "The stock tip" he has no
problem puffing on that cigar at the end of the show.

Well, VetteNY311|at| pointed out that, that is logical because you inhale cigarettes but you are not supposed to inhale cigars, just let them flow in your mouth.

Know of a spoof, any mistake you found on Seinfeld?
Please e-mail them to anyone of us, thanks!

Ivy Chris Vinney Allie Andy James
Seinfeld Quotes
By: Vinney Dee

Vinney's Picks (or No Pick)
"Borrowing money from a friend is like having sex. It just completely changes the relationship." - George

"I'm lactose intolerant. I have no patience for lactose and I won't stand for it." - Jerry

"I would like to dip my bald head in oil and rub it all over your body." - George

From the Fans
"These pretzels, are makin' me thirsty!" -George (from DA328|at|

Send in your quotes!
Click here.

Last Week
"How are you going to make it in this business, if you can't take it"?
Who said this?

It's that overbubbly Toby. "Boo. Hiss."


This Week
"George, it's part of your heritage, it's who you are." - Frank Costanza
What is part of his heritage?

Do you know who this is? If so
E-mail me with your answer!
Responses must be recieved
by Friday, Jan. 5th.
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