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Current Sein Language Newsletter-July 13th, 2003

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Q: Why not just view the newsletters on the Official Newsletter Site?
A: By all means you should check out the official site. However Seinology offers you more: All issues of the newsletter both the current issue and the backissues have Internal Links for your viewing pleasure. These links will help you jump to the most popular sections of the newsletter.

Q: My email is in some of the newsletters, will I receive more spam because it is now on Seinology?
A: No. Unlike the Official Site, Seinology has edited all the emails in each newsletter. Which means you would have to be human to be able to obtain these emails. This eliminates email spam bots from adding you to their list.

Q: I noticed there is a Search feature on Seinology, Can I search the newsletters as well?
A: Yes. You may easily use the Seinology Search feature to search for something in particular within all issues of the newsletter hosted on Seinology.

Q: I know there were a lot more issues of the newsletter, Why aren't they on Seinology?
A: Because Seinology is not in charge of the distribution of the Newsletter we are unable to host issues that are unavailable to us. If you feel you would like to see more issues please email our webmaster as well as the person who distributes the Newsletter.

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