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"Who (or what) are you...Mannix?"
The Line
Based on PizzaBagel's List (many additions from Dan Coogan)
Who/what are you...?
"What are you a doctor?" George to Jerry
"What are you Bud Abbott?" George to Jerry, after Jerry calls George an idiot for misunderstanding Schumann to be boyhood pal Artie, not composer Robert.
"Who are you my uncle?" Elaine to Jerry, after he gives her $182 for her birthday
"What are you like a Quaker now?" George to Jerry after Jerry expressed reluctance about getting a doctor's note to pay for George's massage.)
"What is this an Abbott and Costello routine?" Jerry to George
"What are you a baby?" George to Jerry
"What are you Joe Hollywood?" Jerry to George, after an impatient George tells Jerry to "cut to the chase."
"What am I, a hooker?" Elaine to Kramer after he overs her half a bag of condoms.
"Who are you Mannix?" Jerry to George, after George suggests that they escape from the limo by jumping out of it, and rolling so they won't get hurt.
"What are ya yellow?" Elaine to Jerry, chastising Jerry for not confronting the hit and run driver.
"What are you, Diana Ross?" Jerry to George, after George walks in with several stuffed suitcases and backpacks for the two day trip to LA.
"What is she, Rowan & Martin?" George to Elaine, about a therapist Elaine recommended
"What am I, trying to win an Oscar here?" George to Jerry
"Who are you to play God?" George to Jerry, after Jerry indicates he is going to come clean about the candy going into Elaine's ex-boyfriend during the operation.
"What are we, John Dillinger?" Jerry to Elaine
"What are you, in 8th grade?" Jerry to George, after George comments that he thinks Tony "the Mimbo" is such a cool guy.
"Who are you, Mrs. Robinson?" Kramer to Jerry, after Kramer asks Jerry to rub lotion on his back.
"What is he, a vampire?" Jerry to Kramer, in regards to Jon Voight biting Kramer
"What are you, in high school?" Elaine to George
"What are you, some kinda tough guy?" Brody to Jerry
"What are you, an idiot?" Jerry to Kramer, after Kramer buys a chicken - to produce Cage-free, farm-fresh eggs.
"What am I, a--a bulimic, chain-smoking, stenographer from Staten Island?" Elaine to Jerry
"What am I--some pom-pom wavin' backseat bimbo?" Elaine to Jerry
"What are you, a medieval dungeon master?" Jerry to Keri, in regards to her keys.
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