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Vandelay References
References to George's Alter-ego
Based on PizzaBagel's List
In order to run into a girl which Jerry met at a birthday get-together, he and George stake out the lobby of the building in which she works. While waiting for her to appear, they concoct an excuse for their presence - they are going to have lunch with a friend, an importer/exporter named Art Corvelay. Somehow, in the confusion of the moment, George switches the fictitious name to Art Vandelay.
Elaine gets George a job at Pendant Publishing and he has to meet her boss. When asked who he reads, he mentions Art Vandelay, who supposedly wrote "Venetian Blinds"
George lies to the unemployment-insurance caseworker that he is seeking employment as a latex salesman at Vandelay Industries.
During the casting of actors for the Pilot, one of the "George" actors reads with the casting director. Of course we recognize this "Vandelay" dialogue sequence from Episode 34 - The Boyfriend (1)
124&125-The Cadillac (1) & (2)
Elaine covers up for George's meeting with Marisa Tomei, telling his fiancée, Susan, that she had met with him to discuss her importer/exporter boyfriend, Art Vandelay.
George indicates to the receptionist at Brandt-Leland that he is there to meet Art Vandelay.
George is trying to sell more computers from his fathers garage, than Lloyd Braun.
George, believing that he has found the culprit who has been "dotting" him with a laser pen, grabs the pen of a delivery man and destroys it, ending up with ink all over his hands. Looking for a place to clean up, he winds up in an apartment for sale, in which he asks the real estate agent if he could see the bathrooms - preferably one with some paint thinner and some rags. There he employs his oft-used alias, Art Vandelay, in his ruse.
179&180-The Finale (1) & (2)
George believes that it is a good omen that the name of the judge who is presiding over their case is Arthur Vandelay. Nothing could be more unlikely, either because or in spite of the fact that they are being represented by Jackie Chiles.
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