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Superman & Comic References
Superman and other Comic book characters
List by: Dan Coogan
Comments (this list is in no way completed yet)
Jerry wears clothes the same color as Superman's uniforms.
When Jerry sits down to watch TV, he is wearing a bright blue pair of sweatpants, and a bright red sweatshirt.
Jerry, George and Elaine discuss whether Superman would have super humor.
- George says it's too bad you can't get Superman to rotate the Earth backwards and go back in time to avoid Jerry's disaster weekend.
GEORGE: I told you those trips were relationship killers. Too bad you can't get your buddy Superman to fly around the Earth at super speed and reverse time. You'd get all the money back - you could have avoided the whole trip to Vermont.
ELAINE: Superman can go back in time?
JERRY: We went over that.
JERRY: I think Superman probably has a very good sense of humor.
GEORGE: I never heard him say anything really funny.
JERRY: But it's common sense. He's got super strength, super speed.. I'm sure he's got super humor.
GEORGE: You would think that, but either you're born with a sense of humor, or you're not. It's not going to change even if you go from the red sun of Krypton all the way to the yellow sun of the Earth.
JERRY: Why? Why would that one area of his mind not be affected by the yellow sun of Earth?
GEORGE: I don't know but he ain't funny.
JERRY: Why'd I think there was a Rubber Man? There's Elastic Man, Plastic Man...
JERRY: Come here, look at this. (Gets on his knees) He cleaned the little one-inch area between the refrigerator and the counter. How did he get in there? He must be like Rubber Man!
ELAINE: There's no Rubber Man.
JERRY: ..Why did I think there was a Rubber Man? There's Elastic Man and Plastic Man.
ELAINE: I'm leaving.
JERRY:If only you could put your mind to something worthwhile. You're like Lex Luthor.
(Jerry to Kramer regarding his idea to put a little concrete in the washing machine.)
Jerry asks George, "You want me to go out and get you a Superman comic?"
George wonders if Aquaman is restricted to water
George: What's the deal with Aquaman? Could he go on land, or was he just restricted to water?
Jerry: No, I think I saw him on land a couple times.
In Jerry's closing monologue, he talks about super heroes being professional good deed doers.
JERRY: It's tough to do a good deed. Just look at your professional good deed doers. Your lone rangers, your Superman, your Batman, your Spiderman, your Elasticman. They are all wearing disguises, masks over their faces. Secret identities. Don't want people to know who they are. It's too much aggravation. "Superman, yeah thanks for saving my life, but did you have to come through my wall? I'm renting here, I've got a security deposit. What am I supposed to do?"
George: What do the Chinese have to gain by faking a cure for baldness?
Jerry: If it was real, they would never let it out of the country. No baldness, it'd be like a nation of Supermen.
Keith Hernandez says, "I love your bit on Jimmy Olsen."
George negotiates a deal with NBC and gets less money than the original offer.
JERRY (to George) You know, this is how they negotiate in the bizarro world.
George mentions Superman's Fortress of Solitude.
Mr. Ross... "Cherish the cabin." (Smiling, reflecting) And I have.. for 45 years. It's often been a.. sanctuary for me.
GEORGE: (Annoyingly butting in) Kinda like Superman's fortress of solitude.
MR. ROSS: What?
GEORGE: S, uh, Superman - he, uh, built the fortress of solitude up at the North Pole, to, uh, you know, sort of get away from it all..
George tells Cheryl that Jerry's whole life revolves around superman and cereal.
Jerry reveals that he was attracted to Sharon from NYU because she reminded him of Lois Lane.
Jerry: I was attracted to you, too. You remind me of Lois Lane.
Elaine, knowing that Sidra is dating Jerry, asks her, "Hey, does he ever talk about Superman?"
Jerry talking to George about the why he's selling the car.
Jerry: You don't understand what I'm up against. This is a force more powerful than anything you can imagine. Even Superman would be helpless against this kind of stench.
Jerry's opening monologue, he says: A female orgasm is kinda like the bat cave. A very few people know where it is and if you're lucky enough to see it you probably don't know how you got there and you can't find you way back after you left
George's scream when he gets pushed into the hot iron sounds a lot like Superman's anguished cry just before he flew around the earth and reversed time.
GEORGE: Now if I wanna see anything I gotta wear these.
ELAINE: George, those are prescription goggles? What is there to see in a health club pool?
JERRY: There's a lot of change down there.
GEORGE: When I find that guy, this much I vow: those glasses will be returned to their rightful owner.
JERRY: We're behind you, Aquaboy. Godspeed!
George muses that having a lip reader on your side is "like having Superman for a friend."
George: If this lip reading thing works tonight do you know how incredible this is going to be? It's like having Superman for your friend.
Jerry: I know. It's like X-ray vision.
George: If we could just harness this power and use it for our own personal gain, there'd be no stopping us.
George delivers a Superman comic book to his "crush" the mimbo after his disfiguring face accident....ahahhaa
TONY: just beat it dude!
GEORGE: here here, Superman (hands a comic book to Elaine, who passes it to Tony) please, next time it will only be the 2 of us
TONY: there won't be any next time George
GEORGE: oh Tony, don't
ELAINE: Okay step off George, can you just step off?
Elaine accuses of Jerry hitting on Corinne --
Jerry: "You know when Superman saves a woman's life they don't accuse him of hitting on her"
Elaine: "You're not Superman"
Jerry: "Well you're not Lois Lane"
When Jerry is trying to cheer up Fulton he mentions Superman.
JERRY: (cont) and this whole justice league, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman. You mean to tell me Superman can't cover everything?
FULTON: (still laughing and coughing) Stop.
JERRY: For crying out loud, He's Superman. (Fulton stops laughing, Jerry's face is stunned) Fulton? (looks at him) Fulton?
GEORGE: You're Batman.
KRAMER: Yeah. Yeah, I am Batman.
George remarks that he doesn't trust men who wear capes. Jerry says that Superman wore a cape. George admits that Superman is the exception.
Regarding Tim Whatley's party invite and why Jerry was not invited:
ELAINE: So Jerome, I did a little snooping around for you.
JERRY: Ah! What'd you find out, Lois?
Jerry dates a woman named Lois.
- Says "Well, I'd have to be Superman to do that Lois."
- Lois asks if he really was the fastest kid in school. He replies, "Faster than a speeding bullet Lois."
- The Superman theme song plays during the actual race.
[Jerry is off early and wins the race - the crowd goes crazy]
LOIS: So will you come to Hawaii with me Jerry?
JERRY: Maybe I will , Lois. Maybe I will.
[Jerry winks at camera like in the Superman movie]
Jerry to Elaine regarding his girlfriend that lacks a sense of humor:
JERRY: It was unbelievable. You're right the jokes kept bouncing off her like Superman.
George brings up the fact that it's like when Superman reversed the rotation of the earth to save Lois Lane! (because he thought Sienna never heard him say I love you.)
Jerry asks George: Are you gonna say it again?
George responds to Jerry by saying "That's the question Jimmy" a reference to Jimmy Olsen.
Jerry's PIN number is revealed to be Jor-el: Superman's father on Krypton.
Jerry: (excited) She's your Lex Luthor! (to Elaine regarding Sue Ellen Mishke)
Jerry thinks to himself, "Is she wearing the same thing over and over again? Or does she have a closet full of these, like Superman?"
[Christie's Apartment]
Christie leads Jerry into her home.
CHRISTIE: Here we are.
JERRY: (looking around) Ah, so this is the Fortress of Solitude.
Jerry & Jeannie read Superman comic books together.
Jerry discusses that Kevin is the Bizarro him like Bizarro Superman is the opposite of the real Superman.
Elaine notice's Kevin, Gene and Feldman sitting together in a booth at Reggies and thinks:
ELAINE: [to self in head] Bizarro world.
Jerry refers to Reggie's as the Bizarro Coffee Shop.
ELAINE [stops, pause] Well, I, [a little ashamed] I guess I've been at Reggie's..
JERRY: The Bizarro coffee shop?
Kevin (the bizarro Jerry) has a figurine of Bizarro Superman on his
Jerry and George discuss whether Iron Man wore underwear under his suit.
George: Mr. Thomassoulo during times of great stress, people are capable of super human strength. Have you ever seen the Incredible Hulk, sir?
Thomassoulo: No
George: How about the old Spider Man live action show?
GEORGE: Yes, I am familiar with this syndrome -- she's a two-face.
JERRY: (Relating) Like the Batman villain?
GEORGE: (Annoyed) If that helps you..
Jerry is making fun of Elaine's drawing talent as she wants to submit a cartoon to the New Yorker
Elaine: It's better than your drawings of naked Lois Lane.
Jerry: Where did you see that? Those are private!!
Several scenes involving Super heroes -- Superman, Green Lantern
George jokes that Elaine's poor boyfriend would have a girlfriend named Lois Loan. Jerry remarks later, "He can wipe out his checking account in a single bounce!"
JERRY says: To the Idiot mobile!
NEWMAN: We gotta find that rickshaw. You check the sewers and dumpsters. I'll hit the soup kitchens, bakeries, and smorgasbords.
(Newman and Kramer both go to leave)
JERRY: To the Idiot mobile!
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