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Squirrel Eps
Eps where there is a squirrel or references to them
Based on PizzaBagel's List
As George is leaving the party with his fur-wearing new love interest, Ava, Elaine incites an argument about animal cruelty, accusing Ava that she might intentionally run over a squirrel.
Elaine, claiming that she's a not a terrible person, indicates that when she shoos squirrels away she always says, "Get out of here". She never ever throws things at them or tries to injure them like other people.
George's father, when hearing that his son is studying to convert to the Latvian Orthodox faith, questions that it's some kind of a cult that mutilates squirrels.
Elaine discussing the musician she likes. ELAINE: I'm trying to get a little squirrel to come over to me here. I don't wanna make any big, sudden movements. I'll frighten him away. (thanks to Simon Carlquist)
While driving with his girlfriend-of-the-week, George swerves his car in order to avoid some pigeons. Unfortunately, by doing so he accidentally hits a squirrel.
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