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Characters Singing Songs
Eps where characters of the show sing songs
Based on PizzaBagel's List
To the tune of "Rags to Riches," George sings "You know, I'd go from nods to nothing ..."
George can't get the song "Master of the House" from the Broadway show "Les Misérables" out of his head, and he keeps singing bits of it - at one point to Elaine's father. At the end of the episode, we see that he, too, has become entranced by the song in the same manner as George.
Jerry and George concoct a scheme to switch the tape in the answering machine of George's girlfriend Carol: George will distract her in another room while Jerry performs the switch. In case she gets away, they need a signal for George to alert Jerry. George suggests the song "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?" from the musical "The Sound of Music," and offers him a sample. That fails to win over Jerry, they settle upon "Lemon Tree," and the two sing a few lines from it.
Kramer sings 'Joltin Joe' (a song about Joe DiMaggio). (thanks to Telsa)
George whistles a line or two from "If I were a rich man" from the musical "Fiddler on the Roof". Not really "singing", but still funny considering Fiddler on the Roof is THE Jewish play. (thanks to Michael Janes)
Kramer sings the lyrics to the theme song of the show 'The Rebel' (thanks to Telsa)
Jerry sings a few lines from "This Is It" (the theme of "The Bugs Bunny Show").
George gives a pathetic but heartfelt rendition of "The Most Beautiful Girl."
What is the name of the classical piece which Newman whistles as he is walking down the street, just before he is conked on the head by the boot which Kramer accidentally drops from a window sill?
Kramer sings the lyrics to the theme song of the show 'The Rebel' (thanks to Telsa)
Miss Rhode Island sings "It's A Most Unusual Day" for the Miss America Pageant talent competition. Also, Jerry and Kramer each offer the first line from "There She Is, Miss America" at different points in this episode.
George sings a few lines from "Everybody's Talkin'" - with some ad libbing thrown in.
Mel Tormé serenades Kramer with "When You're Smiling" at a charity dinner.
Bette Midler sings a few bars from her new musical 'Rochelle Rochelle'. (thanks to Telsa)
Kramer sings "You are the wind beneath my wings" to Bette. (thanks to Telsa)
Elaine sings some songs in Italian (Verdi and Beethoven). (thanks to Telsa)
131&132-The Bottle Deposit
(1) & (2)
Jerry and George do not sing, but recite the lyrics to "Downtown." (I recall seeing Steve Allen do the same thing with rock-and-roll songs on several occasions, with comic intent. Also, Alex Trebek often must do this when he reads lyric-oriented clues on "Jeopardy!")
Elaine and Jerry sing Desperado to Brett. Elaine also sings Witchy Woman. (thanks to Telsa)
George sings the message on his answering machine to the tune of "The Greatest American Hero (Believe it Or Not)," the theme song of the '80s TV show "The Greatest American Hero" - albeit with altered lyrics.
Newman belts out "Three Times A Lady" while making a fish delivery, just before being engulfed in a Hindenberg-reminiscent fireball. Oh, the humanity!
Mr. Steinbrener walks into George's office and wants to ask him what the name of a certain song is. He sings part of it. To quote the script: "Um, I'm stuck on this song yesterday. I can't seem to get it out of my head. I don't know the name of that. "She's a heart breaker, love taker . . ..Oh. Oh" . . .very catchy. You know what? I can't stay awake for that guy. What is this? People? Um, the most beautiful people people. Ally Selica, Nothing wrong with that uh?" The song is "Heartbreaker" by Pat Benatar. (thanks to Coleby Pavlik)
Elaine is talking to Mr. Peterman about Sam. Sam trashed her office and Elaine was complaining to Mr. Peterman about her. Then as Mr. Peterman leaves, Elaine says: "Oh, no please Mr. Peterman, she's crazy!" Then Sam walks by and Elaine sings: "Crazy for feelings..." This not might be relating to any specific song, but it is possible it is relating to "Crazy for You" by the Aquatones or "Crazy for You" by the Heartbeats. I wish I could be more precise, but I never listened to either of the songs. 'Crazy' by Patsy Cline (thanks to Coleby Pavlik and Rich Holt)
George sings a few lines from "Meet The Mets."
Kramer singing Wall of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio" as he worked on his door. The song also played at end of show by Wall of Voodoo. (thanks to Troy)
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