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Reggie's Eps
Eps where Reggie's Diner is used
Based on PizzaBagel's List
In retaliation for dropping him like a hot potato for his "manure" remark, George tries to get one of the waitresses at Monk's fired by repeatedly calling her where she works. This has the unintended effect of getting him banned - apparently only temporarily - from the coffee shop, so he winds up sitting alone at Reggie's.
As his worlds collide -- George end's up going to Reggies because Susan is at Monks with Elaine, Jerry and Kramer.
George meets Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and his fiancée, Susan, in a booth for four at Monk's. Already suffering the effects of his worlds colliding, he goes to Reggie's to eat alone.
Elaine's former boyfriend-of-the-week, Kevin, and his friends, Gene and Feldman (from across the hall), hang out at Reggie's - which is noted by Elaine with the comment that eating its tuna sandwich is like chewing on an old sponge.
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