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Movies and TV Show References
Real and fictitous references to movies and tv shows
Based on PizzaBagel's List
Movie/TV Show
Cocoon II: The Return
Jerry and Elaine, in a video rental shop trying to decide which movie to ren, make some clever comments about this film.
I Love Lucy
Jerry mentions to his girlfriend, Donna, that he has never seen a single episode of "I Love Lucy."
The Helsinki Formula
As Elaine is flipping through the channels on Jerry's TV, she passes by the one on which this fictitious movie, starring Robert Vaughn, is airing.
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Prognosis Negative
This is the movie of choice for Jerry, George, and Elaine. After much dickering, Jerry and George wind up seeing it without Elaine, behind her back while she watches the dog of the sick airline passenger which was entrusted to Jerry.
Ponce DeLeon
If Jerry, George, and Elaine can't all see "Prognosis Negative" together, then this one is the alternatvie.
After their first "date," Jerry and Keith Hernandez make plans for a second meeting - to see "JFK."
Home Alone
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
Tiny Toons
Jerry watches this show in order to distract himself from sexual thoughts during the "contest."
Rochelle, Rochelle
Ponce DeLeon
Home Alone
Home Alone 2
Rochelle, Rochelle
George is in a video rental shop returning "Rochelle, Rochelle" ("A young girl's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk.")
The Today Show
Jerry appears on this show with Bryant Gumbel, wearing the puffy shirt.
The Godfather
Edward Scissorhands
This film is mentioned throughout the episode by Kramer's barber, Gino.
I Love Lucy
The Lucy Show
Here's Lucy
Rickey, the guy Elaine meets on the subway, mentions that on a particular Tuesday one could have watched six hours of Lucy.
Schindler's List
Jerry, not having been intimate with his girlfriend Rachel in quite some time, winds up making out with her during the film.
Ken Burn's "Baseball"
This series will be broadcasted during the pledge drive that Jerry hosts.
Breakfast At Tiffany's
George joins a book club, but can't handle the reading of Truman Capote's "Breakfast at Tiffany's." So he schemes to watch a video of the film.
The Crying Game
George comments to Jerry about how the sight of his father's large breasts caused him great mental anguish. "It was like my own personal 'Crying Game.'" he laments.
Jerry and George plan to see this movie, but George's fiancee, Susan, really doesn't want to see it. So Jerry goes without him.
The Muted Heart
George sees this movie with Susan instead of "Firestorm."
Mad About You
George and Susan watch this show at two points in this episode.
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Jerry and Kramer see this flick, however Kramer gets kicked out for having a cafe latte tucked into his shirt.
Midnight Express
Mountain High
Chow Fun
Agent Zero
Brown-Eyed Girl
Kramer is involved in the restoration of an old moviehouse, the Alex Theatre, whose inaugural presentation is a rare archival print of this classic film.
124&125-The Cadillac (1) & (2)
As he makes a hasty departure in a taxi, Kramer shouts to the cable repairman, "'Chunnel's' on HBO tonight. Why don't you stop by?"
My Cousin Vinny
Only You
Star Wars
A male acquaintance of Elaine, Todd Gack, bets her that Dustin Hoffman was in "Star Wars," and winds up having to take her to dinner.
Means To An End
Jerry's girlfriend, Nicki, uses her persuasiveness to get the management to shomehow find them two tickets to a sold out show.
Blame It On The Rain
Elaine and Todd wind up seeing this film, instead of their first choice, the sold-out "Means To An End."
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Death Blow
Jerry, Kramer, and Kramer's friend Brody go to a premiere of this film, during which Brody proceeds to videotape the movie for bootleg purposes. He falls ill, and persuades a reluctant Jerry to finish the taping in his absence - and impressing Brody with its quality
Cry, Cry Again
This is a French "art" film, of which Kramer's friend Brody expects Jerry to make a bootleg videotape. Instead, Kramer does the work. Seeing the poor quality of Kramer's effort, Jerry doesn't want to be associated with it. However, in full director fashion, he demands a reshoot and insists upon total control over the taping - including three cameras. That plan doesn't materialize, so Kramer's version - parts of which are taped over with footage of Elaine doing her atrocious dancing - is handed over to Brody, and it finds its way onto the street.
The Super-Terrific Happy Hour
Jerry keeps receiving miniscule royalty checks for a one-second clip of him which appears in the opening credits of this fictitious Japanese comedy show.
Apocalypse Now
When Elaine goes to Burma to visit Peterman, their encounter is a reference of the Sheen-Brando encounter. (thanks to Jay Just)
Godfather Part 2
Jerry says "In my home, Elaine, where I come to sleep and play with my toys" Reference to Godfather Part 2; Michael "In my home! In my bedroom, were my wife sleeps! Where my children come and play with their toys." (Thanks to J E)
Weekend At Bernie's II
The Other Side of Darkness
The Pain and the Yearning
The English Patient
Everyone is wowed by this movie except Elaine.
Sack Lunch
Elaine would rather see this movie than "The English Patient." Commenting on its poster, she wonders if the pictured family is shrunken down or if it's just a very large sack.
The Omen
George mentions that he was up to 4 A.M. watching the "Omen" trilogy - causing him to suffer from a lack of sleep.
In her conversation with an adoption-agency caseworker, Elaine relates an incident in which she and the prospective adoptive parents went to see this movie. Her recollection of how the father-to-be yelled at her to shut up because she was whispering puts the kibosh on the adoption.
Citizen Kane
George shows Jerry his private bathroom at Play Now. Upon his entry Jerry refers to it as "Zanadu" which is the name for Charles Foster Kane's massive home in the film "Citizen Kane"
The Net
George's father goes into business selling computers because of a "provocative movie" he saw on cable TV, "The Net." He says that it featured "that girl from 'The Bus'" - presumably meaning Sandra Bullock in "Speed."
Last Tango in Paris
Jerry is under that impression that George saw this movie with boyhood pal, Whitey Fisk, a "summer Jerry." But George admits to him that Fisk was made-up, and that he didn't see "Last Tango in Paris." "Too bad," Jerry reflects. "It was erotic."
The Lion King
Elaine mentions to Jerry that she has a new co-worker, Lou Filerman, who sidled her in her office. She was sitting there making a cup of soup and singing "Hakuna Matata" from this movie.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Outlaw Josey Wales
Thelma & Louise
Godfather Part 2
Kramer "Well, Fredo was weak and stupid! He shouldn't have eaten that key!" references Michael in the Godfather Part 2 "Yeah -- you felt it was because of some lack of trust of confidence -- but it's -- it's, because I admire you and I love you that I kept things secret from you. That's why at his moment you're the only one I completely trust. Fredo -- ah, he's got a good heart--but he's weak, and he's stupid, and this is life and death. Tom, you're my brother.
George indicates to Jerry that after hitting his high note with a witty remark to his Kruger colleagues - about smoothing a statue's over-smoothed head down to nothing, sticking a pumpkin under its arm, and changing its nameplate to Ichabod Crane - he left and saw "Titanic."
Blimp: The Hindenburg Story
George makes a sarcastic remark - "That's gotta hurt!" - at the point at which the airship blows up, to strangers at a showing of this fictitious film. When he tries the same line at a second showing, he is thwarted by a guy with a laser pointer.
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