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Lost Their Lunch
Eps where someone loses their lunch or it is mentioned
Based on PizzaBagel's List
Kramer mentions that he just visited his dentist, Roy, and that he threw up from the gas.
George asks Elaine if she's ever seen Jerry throw up. They bond over the comedic back-biting of their common "friend."
George indicates that, after having had sex with a cleaning woman on his desk, he threw up from the Hennigan's scotch he had drank.
Kramer throws up on Susan (thanks Michael Hendren)
Reference to Kramer throwing up in The Pitch (thanks Michael Hendren)
Reference to Kramer throwing up in The Pitch (thanks Michael Hendren)
Reference to Kramer throwing up in The Pitch (thanks Michael Hendren)
Jerry, after eating a black-and-white cookie, feels like he's "got David Duke and Farrakhan down there." Needless to say, his vomit streak of fourteen years - from June 29th, 1980 - goes down the drain.
George mentions that he was throwing up all night from the sight of his father's large breasts.
To prove that former mental patient Lloyd Braun is perfectly sane for requesting a movie-house hot-dog, which the vendor indicates has been there "since the Silent Era," Kramer orders it for himself, and soon finds himself bringing it up on the sidewalk outside the theater.
Jerry, a passenger at the mercy of aggressive driver Elaine, thinks to himself that he's so car-sick that he's going to vomit.
Jerry is so repulsed by the thought of George being a closet Kenny Bania fan, he says that he's going to puke - to which George reveals that he thinks that "puke" is a funny word. Later in the episode, to a second comment by Jerry about being about to puke, Bania mentions that he, too, thinks that it is a funny word.
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