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Follow the Leader
Eps where a form of childish game is used to clear up a situation
Based on PizzaBagel's List
Flip a coin Done between Jerry and George. The outcome was disputed.
Choose-evens/odds Done between Jerry and George. Jerry, who chose "odds," got the apartment in a best-three-out-of-five showdown. (It was Jerry/Jerry/George/Jerry.)
One potato, two potato This method was suggested by Kramer, but it was not used.
Inka-dink Done between Kramer and George. George, who was "it," got the statue.
41&42The Trip (1) & (2)
Call it Done between George and Jerry. George got the window seat in the police car.
Experience vs. Inexperience Used between Jerry and Elaine to determine who would get to sit in the only remaining first-class seat. Since Elaine had never flown first-class, Jerry reasoned that she wouldn't know what she would be missing. So she was banished to a coach seat.
Rock/paper/scissors Done between Kramer and Mickey. It was a stand-off, since Mickey indicated to Kramer that rock beats everything.
Draw names from a hat To determine which of the two girls that they picked up at the Gap each of them (Mickey and Kramer) should be paired up with, Mickey suggests that he and Kramer put the girls' names into a hat. This idea falls through because they don't even know their names! Elaine comes up with what appears to be a perfect solution: On their next date with the girls, Mickey and Kramer should show up early and sit across from each other. Then the girls will decide the pairing of couples by who each of them sits next to. That, too, fails, because the girls show up even earlier than Mickey and Kramer.
Experience vs. Inexperience Used between Kramer and Elaine to determine who would short out the circuit in Elaine's building with a paper clip. Kramer, who admitted to having used this technique before, got to show Elaine why it's no picnic. Oh, mama!
Wishing on a wishbone Done between Kramer and FDR. Kramer, who lost, got pelted in the face with a snowball by FDR.
One spot, two spot Done between Kramer and Newman. Newman got to sit in the rickshaw, which Kramer pulled.
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