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Run-ins with the Law
Problems with the Law
Based on PizzaBagel's List
George: Shoplifting
Jerry: Soliciting prostitution - it looked that way to the police officer who walked in on him as he was paying off a hooker to leave his apartment
Jerry and George: Public urination in a shopping mall parking garage
41&42-The Trip (1) & (2)
Kramer: Serial murder - believed to be the Smog Strangler
Kramer: A vengeful homeless man picks him out of a police lineup
Elaine and Kramer (and Newman): Kidnapping a dog
Kramer: Promoting prostitution - he certainly looked like a pimp
Jerry: Mail fraud
George: Involvement in some ill-conceived mail-order pornography ring (thanks to Coleby Pavlik)
Uncle Leo: ratted out by Jerry to the store security at the Bookstore (thanks to Coleby Pavlik)
George: trades Leo for George with the security of the bookstore
Jerry: Soliciting prostitution
179&180-The Finale (1) & (2)
All four: Not assisting a crime victim (a fat guy who was being mugged)
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