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Larry David's Voice/Appearances
Larry David puts his touch on an Ep
Based on PizzaBagel's List
He is heard as the voice of Newman, who didn't physically appear (in the form of Wayne Knight) until "The Suicide," almost a year later.
He is the screaming B-movie actor. ("Like flaming globes, Sigmund. Like flaming globes.")
Voice of one of the diners confused after Elaine asks them if she can eat an eggroll (thanks Al)
Voice of the man who stole Jerry's car- "i didn't know it was yours" (thanks to Geoggrey Geiger)
He provides the voice of the fight referee
When the police knock on Kramer's door to arrest him for being the Smog Strangler. There's a shot of a group of people (including Jerry and George) and LD is one of the people standing there. It's quick but it's him. (thanks to Telsa)
He is heard as a passenger on the flight of Jerry and Elaine - the person who indicates that he was supposed to get the Kosher meal that Elaine wound up with.
63&64-The Pilot (1) & (2)
He is the voice of a shop owner telling Kramer "Sorry, customers only"
He is seen as a man on the Greenpeace raft at the end of the episode - presumably Russell's body-double.
Announcer #2 "Hey buddy, they got a new invention. It's called a napkin" Talking about George eating the ice cream. (thanks to Mr. Coogan)
Radio-"Base to 92 come in" Radio for the limo driver to inform him his next pickup is Tom Hanks. (thanks to Mr. Coogan)
He is heard as a man on the beach, who says "Is anyone here a marine biologist?"
He is heard as the soap opera director.
He is heard as the emcee who introduces Jerry.
He is seen as Frank Costanza's cape-wearing lawyer - who also talks Elaine's friend Noreen out of jumping off a bridge.
He is seen as a vendor at a sidewalk window, from whom George tries to purchase a pack of gum.
179&180Finale (1) & (2)
He is the voice of the inmate who is in for "Grand Theft Auto." He heckles Jerry and threatens him during the stand-up routine at the end.
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