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Kramer's Friends
Eps where Cosmo Kramer mentions his many friends
Based on PizzaBagel's List
Kramer, in his rant against the medical industry, indicates that as a result of some botched surgery, Bob Sacamano is a high-talker.
Kramer reveals that Bob Sacamano once was in a mental institution, and that electroshock therapy had no effect on him because his synapses were so large.
Sacamano (from New Jersey) who works in a condom factory gives Kramer samples of his company's wares.
Kramer, watching Elaine, comments that she has rabies, just like his friend Bob Sacamano.
Len Nicodemo
Kramer indicates to Jerry that he has a hot tub in his living room - sold to him by his friend Lomez.
In response to Elaine, who uses the phrase "hungry enough to eat a horse" to illustrate how Kramer shouldn't take too literally her offer to give her bike to the first person who could make the pain in her neck go away, he mentions that his friend Jay Riemenschneider eats horse all the time.
George thinks that the two-week stay of his house guest, Susan's friend, the wig master, is excessive. Not so, says Kramer, who indicates that Bob Sacamano once stayed with him for a year and a half.
When Jerry asks how he met Brody, the movie bootlegger, Kramer indicates that he's a friend of his friend Corky Ramirez up on 94th Street.
Elaine questions Jerry whether he is attending a party being hosted by Bob Sacamano (which, unbeknownst to her, had been held several days earlier).
Kramer, who is arranging a Jewish singles party, mentions that Lomez is an Orthodox Jew - from the "old school."
After Jerry and Kramer switch apartments, their personalities also transfer to each other, evidenced to Elaine when Jerry relates a story to her about his friend Bob Sacamano.
When Jerry questions Kramer's intern Darren why he's writing down everything he and George are saying, Darren indicates that Kramer is in a meeting with "Mr. Lomez" and that he didn’t want to miss anything.
When Elaine mentions that the alarm of her next door neighbor - the one whose apartment always smells like potatoes - has been beeping since 3:30 that morning, Kramer indicates that the same thing happened to Lomez, so he blew his neighbor's circuit.
The closest we come to actually seeing one of Kramer's never-seen friends is in this episode, when Kramer is knocking on the door of a portable toilet, imploring Lomez to come out or they'd be late for a movie.
While in the shower, Kramer talks to Lomez on the phone.
Kramer talks Bob Sacamano's father - who lives in Florida - into getting Jerry a deal on some Wizard electronic organizers. Unfortunately, the items turn out to be cheap knock-offs - Willards.
Kramer indicates to Jerry that he got some official police caution tape from his cop buddy Doug. At that point, Jerry comments to Kramer: "You sure have a lot of friends. How come I never see any of these people?" To that Kramer replies: "They want to know why they never see you." So much for Kramer's worlds colliding.
Kramer mentions that Bob Sacamano made a fortune off of those paddles with the ball and the rubber band. Supposedly, he came up with the idea for the rubber band. Before that, people would just hit the ball, and it would fly away.
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