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Kennedys' References
Nods to America's "Royal Family"
Based on PizzaBagel's List
Elaine indicates that she is going to throw a baby shower for her friend Leslie, whose husband, Todd, according to Jerry, is a "third cousin or something" to the Kennedys. Later, Jerry and George make some cracks to Elaine which are variations on some famous quotes of JFK, including "Ask not what I can do for you; ask what you can do for me" and "Ich bin eine sucker," to which she rants that everybody makes such a big deal about the Kennedys. However, when Leslie mentions to Elaine during the shower that her husband is up in Hyannisport, she seems to indicate a great fascination with the Kennedys, asking her, "Who else is up there? Is Rose up there?"
Jerry's account of the implausibility of Kramer's story of being spit upon by Keith Hernandez is a send-up of a similar scene in the movie "JFK" about the second-shooter theory.
Kramer, convinced that Jerry and George are CIA agents, blurts out that they probably know who killed Kennedy (JFK).
John Kennedy, Jr. is a member of Elaine's health club. Her efforts to hook up with him are fruitless. He winds up bedding Jerry's virgin girlfriend, Marla.
John Kennedy, Jr. and Marla watch the pilot episode of "Jerry" while in bed together.
Elaine, unemployed as a result of the demise of her former employer, Pendant Publishing, seeks a position at Doubleday which was once held by Jackie Kennedy Onassis. She doesn't get that post, but is noticed by Justin Pitt, who envisions her as the second coming of Ms. Onassis, and offers her a job as his personal assistant.
According to Elaine, Mr. Pitt is about to have a tennis match with Ethel Kennedy, so she must retrieve his racket from a big-wig at Doubleday to whom she has lent it.
In preparing Elaine for the big news of George's engagement, Jerry describes what he is about to tell her as an event as huge as the Kennedy assassination.
Elaine reminds Fred Yerkes about a conversation which they had at a party, in which she talked about how her uncle worked in the book depository building with Lee Harvey Oswald. When her uncle said to him, "The president's been shot," Oswald winked at him and said, "I'm gonna go catch a movie."
131&132-The Bottle Deposit (1) & (2)
Mr. Peterman charges Elaine with the task of bidding on a set of JFK's golf clubs. In a fit of spite she outbids her nemesis, Sue Ellen Mishkie, winds up with the clubs, and leaves them in Jerry's car. Jerry takes his car to a mechanic to be looked at, but the mechanic - who takes more pride in the vehicle than Jerry does - absconds with the car on a multi-state odyssey. Kramer - in a mail truck with Newman bound for Michigan to cash in big-time on that state's generous 10¢ bottle deposit - spots the stolen car. When the mechanic realizes he is being pursued he tosses the clubs at the truck, rendering it inoperable. Kramer recovers the mangled clubs and passes them along to Elaine, who dutifully hands them over to their new owner, a puzzled Peterman. One more thing: Before receiving the clubs, Peterman indicates to Elaine that he intends to inaugurate them the upcoming weekend "with none other than Ethel Kennedy, a woman whose triumph in the face of tragedy is exceeded only by her proclivity to procreate."
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