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Jerry's Girlfriends
The Girls of Jerry
The Girl
Laura-Pamela Brull
She was engaged
Elaine-Julia Louis Dreyfus
To save the friendship
Marlene-Tracy Kolis
She doesn't think his standup act is funny
Donna-Gretchen German
She liked the Dockers' commercial
Angela-Melinda McGraw
She was a hit-and-run driver
Naomi-Jessica Lundy
Her laugh sounded like Elmer Fudd
Sandra-Lisa Malkiewicz
Jerry Talked too "dirty" to her
Marla-Jane Leeves
She found out about the Contest
Tia-Jennifer Campbell
She thought she caught Jerry picking his nose
Sharon-Paula Marshall
She though Jerry was lying about being gay
Sidra-Teri Hatcher
He suspected her "spectacular" breats were fake
Dolores-Susan Walters
Jerry couldn't remember her name
Amy-Anna Gunn
Jerry accuses her of kissing his cousin
Jody-Jennifer Coolidge
She wouldn't give Jerry a massage
Winona-Kimberly Norris
Jerry implies she is an "Indian Giver"
Tawni-Kimberley Campbell
Jerry stole her fungicide
Jane-Jami Gertz
She can't spare a square (thanks-Pat Bruno)
Audrey-Suzanne Snyder
She wouldn't taste his apple pie
Meryl-Courtney Cox
She abused his "family" dry clean discount
82&83-The Raincoats (1) and (2)
Rachel-Melanie Smith
Her parents were angry because they made out during Schindlers List
Rachel-Melanie Smith
George saw her naked (thanks to Bill)
Rachel-Melanie Smith
She dumps Jerry, who doesn't mind because he is "Even Steven" (thanks to Bill)
Julie-Marita Gerahty
Newman had dumped her (thanks Todd)
Sandi-Jann Karam
She wouldn't laugh
Melanie-Athena Massey
She ate her peas one at a time
Holly-Stacey Travis
Jerry wouldn't eat enough meat for her
Lena-Jennifer Guthrie
She stockpiled cases of "Today Sponge" contraceptives
Christie-Lisa Deane
She kept wearing the same dress over and over
Danette Tays
She is so beautiful that she gets whatever she wants, including theater tickets when the show was supposedly sold out, and getting Jerry out of a speeding ticket. (thanks to Jeff Lamoureux)
Jeannie-Janeane Garofalo
She was too much like him
Gillian-Kristin Bauer
She had "man hands"
Ellen-Christine Taylor
She was a loser (thanks to John)
Jenna-Kristin Davis
Jerry wouldn't use her toothbrush
Beth-Debra Messing
She was a Nazi
Alex-Melinda Clarke
There were body "hair" issues
Lanette-Amanda Peete
Jerry didn't send out the invitations for her party in time
Claire-Sara Rose Peterson
Her belly button talked
Patty-Lori Loughlin
She believed Jerry couldn't show emotion
Celia-Julia Pennington
She wouldn't let Jerry play w/ her "Toy Collection"
Sara-Marcia Cross
Jerry called her a "pimple popper"
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