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Homosexuality References
Either spoken or implied Homosexuality References
Based on PizzaBagel's List
George indicates to Jerry that, in the course of getting a massage from a masseur, "it" moved. He believes that that is the sign that he must be gay.
George mentions to Jerry that he has driven women to lesbianism before, but never to a mental institution.
Elaine is on her way to a lesbian wedding, where she is to be the "best man."
Elaine, while waiting with Jerry and George at the coffee shop for a writer from the NYU newspaper, believes that the women seated behind them are eavesdropping on their conversation. She goads Jerry and George into pretending that they are gay. It turns out that one of the keen-eared women at Monk's is the NYU journalist, but it is only after her interview with Jerry that he realizes that fact. She writes a story which "outs" him, even though he was never "in," and he and George try to convince her that they are not gay.
George runs into his former girlfriend Susan in a video rental store - with her new-found female companion. Kramer, with his "kavorka" ("The Conversion"), manages to woo the latter into a relationship with him.
George has what appears to be a crush on his new friend Tony, who Jerry and Elaine describe as a "mimbo" (which is short for "male bimbo"). Kramer, perceptive in this instance, comments that George loves him. This, of course, unsettles the short, stocky one, who once described himself as a "staunch heterosexual" in "The Jacket."
Elaine's escort - a gay man - appeals to her, so she tries to recruit him to her "team." Unfortunately for her, his conversion is only temporary.
In the course of speaking with Jimmy at a fitness club, she mentions the fruitlessness of her attempt to convert her male companion in "The Beard."
George dates a woman who looks like Jerry. (thanks to Kevin McCusker for the update)
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