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Handicap Parking
Eps where the handicaped cause problems for the Fab Four
Based on PizzaBagel's List
Jerry makes idle chit-chat with his masseuse, at one point wondering what would be the worst part of being blind. He figures that it would be trying to eat, because you would have to feel around for bugs in your food with your fingers and tongue.
At the gang's urging, George parks his father's car in a handicap spot in a shopping mall parking lot. This causes a legitimately handicapped woman to park elsewhere and damage her wheelchair. Kramer, after meeting the woman, falls in love with her, and winds up purchasing her a discount used wheelchair - with tragic results.
I might be pushing it a bit here, but I'd venture to guess that the "pig-man" - a fat little mental patient - is handicapped in some way.
Jerry notices one of the line judges at a tennis match, who turns out to be deaf. In order to satisfy George's suspicions, she agrees to lip-read the girl who dumped him. However, her talents aren't all they were cracked up to be.
In order to break a $100 bill, George is forced to purchase several items at a newsstand, including - at Kramer's urging - a Penthouse Forum magazine. After Kramer begins reading one of the letters, George remarks that there are an amazing number of people who are having sex with amputees.
Kramer's novocaine-induced slurred speech, his unusual footwear, and his dissheveled look lead the head of a charitable organization for the mentally-challenged to invite him as a guest of honor at the organization's benefit affair. Seated at the head table, Kramer is serenaded by Mel Tormé and joins him in a rousing rendition of "When You're Smiling."
George dates a girl who is hard-of-hearing in one ear. When he learns about this disability, he believes that her lack of reaction to his "I love you" was because she must not have heard it. So he professes his love to her again - this time into her "good" ear. However, she admits that she heard him the first time, and the romance sours.
At the coffee shop, the gang goes from debating the pros and cons of blind- and deaf-dates to discussing whether it would be better to date the blind or the deaf.
Leapin' Larry, an appliance-store proprietor, is missing part of a leg. He believes that prospective pitchman Jerry, whose foot has fallen asleep, is mocking his wobbly gait.
When asked by Elaine if he would deliver some "stumps" (actually muffins sans their tops) to a garbage dump, Kramer's response indicates that he believed that they were amputees.
As a result of his fall on extra-glossy envelopes in "The Summer of George", George is required to walk with a cane. His prospective boss believes that he is handicapped - or differently-abled, to be politically correct - and hires him. He doesn't lead his co-workers to believe otherwise, and he takes full advantage of his company's generosity - including the offer of a motorized wheelchair. But when it is revealed that he is not really disabled, he is equally shunned.
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