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"Get Out!"
Eps where Elaine utters the phrase "Get Out!"
Based on PizzaBagel's List
When George presents her with the cashmere sweater. Also, just the shove when Jerry presents her with her lost watch.
"Oh Shut Up" similar to Get Out! as she pushes Kramer when he tells her he came back from California for her.
When her ex-boyfriend Roy told her that he lost weight because she broke up with him.
When Kramer tells Elaine there's a mannequin that looks just like her. (thanks Andrew Shiue)
End of the Show Elaine and Jerry at Monk's (thanks to Coleby Pavlik)
When she finds out George is getting married. (Thanks to Josh Morel)
When learning from Kramer that he had gotten her a replacement for the armoire which was stolen from him by the street toughs.
When hearing that her friend Kevin got tickets to the Bolshoi. But since he is the Bizarro Jerry, her customary shove is not expected, and she is forced to return to the non-Bizarro world of Jerry and company.
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