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Diseases and Medical Conditions
Eps where diseases and medical condition are encountered or mentioned
Based on PizzaBagel's List
George visits Jerry's chiropractor, but pays only about half of his $75 bill. Jerry admits to paying the $35 difference.
George mistakenly believes that he is having a heart attack; it's actually only a case of tonsillitis.
Uromisitisis Poisoning. (thanks to Ari Ofsevit)
George voices his fear of contracting lupus. (He also does this in another episode. Was it "The Good Samaritan?")
The bubble boy's father indicates to Jerry that his son has a rare immune deficiency in his blood which requires him to live in a plastic bubble.
Elaine - and Jerry and George - has volunteered to visit several elderly people, but her charge has a football-sized goiter on her neck - what she describes to Jerry as a "second head."
Elaine has a nasty skin rash. It proves to be somewhat incurable, since each physician whom she visits dismisses the ailment and adds more comments to her medical history.
Kramer has a nagging cough. He runs into a dog with the same affliction, and borrows the animal for a visit to a veterinarian. When he takes the medication which was prescribed for the dog, he begins to take on its canine traits.
George slips on an extra-glossy envelope, and winds up a near-cripple.
Kramer and Mickey acting out diseases - ghonorrea and meningitis
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