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Cancer References
Eps where cancer is mentioned
Based on PizzaBagel's List
George's psychiatrist notices a white discoloration on his lip, and only after much prodding does he go to a doctor to have it checked out. "Is it cancer?" George frantically asks. But the doctor replies that he doesn't know what it is, and suggests that a biopsy be taken.
A friend of Jerry, Gary Fogel, tries to win sympathy from him by leading him to believe that he has cancer. However, Gary confides to George that that is not the case. George reveals this to Jerry, and persistently tries to have him keep this information in the vault, because Gary gave him a gift certificate for a free hairpiece.
It is learned that Gary, from "The Scofflaw," was killed. By cancer, Elaine wonders? No, it was the result of a car accident.
While waiting at a restaurant for her blind date - er, setup - Elaine reads a package of artificial sweetener: "... cancer in laboratory animals."
Jerry, ticked off at Bania, who he believes is enjoying a cushy time slot behind him at the comedy club, decides to "take a dive" in his next set. When he delivers the line "And what's the deal with cancer?" he expectedly tanks.
Jerry is convinced by George into believing that the rash he is suffering from is a result of his girlfriend-of-the-week, who is "just a dermatologist." George also goads him into a confrontation with her on their next date. Only after making the accusation to her, whom he calls "Pimple-Popper, M.D.," does he realize that dermatologists also handle major health problems - a patient of hers thanks her for treating his skin cancer.
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