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Movies and TV Show References - Real and fictitous references to movies and tv shows Characters Singing Songs - Eps where characters of the show sing songs
SuperMan&Comic References - Is there one in every ep? Cancer References - Eps where cancer is mentioned
Character Relations - Eps with Fab Four Character Relations Missing Fab Four - Eps where someone is missing from the Fab Four
Jerry's Girlfriends - The Girls of Jerry Recurring Characters - Recurring Characters and the eps they are in.
Subtle "Real People" References - Simple references to real people Knocking the Medical Profession - Eps where the medical profession is dissed
"Street Tuffs"-Cedric and Bob - Cedric and Bob appearances Diseases and Medical Conditions - Eps where diseases and meidcal conditions are encountered or mentioned
Never Seen Siblings - Mentions of siblings to the fab four Larry David's Voice/Appearances - Larry David puts his touch on an Ep
"Who (or what) are you...Mannix?" - The Line Follow The Leader - Eps where a form of childish game is used to clear up an arguement
"Who is this?" - The Line Lost Their Lunch - Eps where someone loses their lunch of it is mentioned
Vandelay References - References to George's Alter-ego Handicap Parking - Eps where the handicaped cause problems for the fab four
People Who Appeared as Themselves - People appearing as themselves Run-ins With The Law - Problems with law enforcement
Squirrel Eps - Eps where there is a squirrel or references to them Homosexuality References - Either spoken or implied Homosexuality references
Harry Fleming - Eps where Morty mentions working for Harry Fleming Kennedys' References - Nods to America's "Royal Family"
Vault - Eps where the Vault is mentioned "Get Out!" - Eps where Elaine utter the phrase "Get Out!"
Kramer's Friends - Eps where Cosmo Kramer mentions his many friends Musical Pieces - Eps where popular pieces of music takes the place of normal Seinfeld music
Reggie's Eps - Eps where the Reggie's Diner is used Hennigan's Eps - Eps where Hennigan's is used/mentioned
Switch Eps - Eps where the fab four switch to other's personalities We are living in a Society - Society, Socially, Sociological, Civilized, or Civilization nods.
"Nobody put a gun to your head" - Times when the phrase (or a derivative of it) is used.
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