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The Seinfeld Fan Listing - A fanlisting is a place for all the fans of a particular show, movie, actor/actress, singer, etc. to come together and build the biggest listing of people all around the world who are fans of that subject. - A Fan site - Great place to find fan scripts of Seinfeld as well as a whole bunch of other shows. Flash Marine Biologist - A Flash version of The Marine Biologist by Tracey.
Rate Every Seinfeld Episode - The Seinfeld Episode Rating Guide. Photographing Seinfeld - Article on the photographing of the show.
Seinfeld Goes on with the Show - Great USA Today article regarding what Jerry has been up to as his movie Comedian was about to hit theaters. Ithaca College Quarterly - Article detailing working on the show.
TVNow Seinfeld Review - Goes into detail of what some felt was wrong with Seinfeld in it's final days. As well as a way it should have ended. The Last Guffaw: Seinfeld Writers - Tells of where the writers of Seinfeld were heading back in '98
The Comedian Shrine - Great Comedian Fan Site. Loaded with some great original Videos and other information. Seinfeld Lists by The News Guy - Almost all the scripts and some other goodies
Homepage of Vandelay Industries - Quotes and a bunch of links to here and there Seinfeld TV Series - Pop-up ads! Epguide lists
Ivy's Seinfeld Page - Outstanding Mailing list, neat lists, trivia, sounds, and bios College Site - Seinfeld-o-Matic Game
Seinfeld (a Titles and Air Dates Guide) - Ep Guide The Seinfeld Palace - Video, Bios, and Trivia
Seinfeld Quotes - Quotes from 120 of the 180 eps Seinfeld-TV Tome - Ep Guide
Seinfeld Online - sounds, Monologues, quotes Das Seinfeld Archiv - Looks to be a Russian fan Site | "Seinfeld" - Article The Ultimate "Seinfeld" Mini-site - Video, Images, Audio, Scripts, Trivia, Links
Seinfeld Suomeksi - POP-UP ADS!, Semi-Foreign Site Seinfeld screensaver - Seinfeld Screensaver
E! Online - Fact Sheet - Jerry Seinfeld - POP-UP ADS!, Jerry Fact Sheet TV Guide Online - [ShowGuide] - Show Guide and other inrfo
Daniel's Seinfeld page - Sounds, Images Seinfeld Scripts drodd - Out of Date Script Site
The Best Seinfeld Site in the Planet - POP-UP ADS!, and something Seinfeld, not exactly the best. Jerry - Unofficial Jerry Site containing a limited bio of him and Numerous outdated links for Seinfeld
Friends vs. Seinfeld @ WWWF Ground Zero - Riffing This and That Seinfeld on DVD - Online Petition for Seinfeld on DVD
Seinfeld Online Lycos - POP-UP ADS!, Pictures, Quiz, Downloads Seinfeld Canadian References - Canadian References
CNN - Seinfeld: The Last Yada - Information Sony Pictures Television - Seinfeld - Official Seinfeld site. A disgrace to the show and an insult to it's fans.
Seinfeld Forever - Forum, Quotes, Lists Sein Off - The Last Days of Seinfeld - Loads of Pictures during the last days of Seinfeld as well as some great articles
Buckwood's Seinfeld page - POP-UP ADS!, Pics, Scripts SeinWars - News, info base, epguide, gallery, sounds, reviews, quotes, and a forum.
Maurer's Seinfeld Page - Sounds, Trivia, Bios, Info A Page About Nothing - Observations, Big Coincidences, Lists, Mistakes, Pearls of Wisdom, Peterman Blurbs, etc.
The Seinfeld Four - POP-UP ADS!, Images Fun - Seinfeld Trivia 30 rounds or something
SeinFaq - Extremely Comprehensive Seinfeld F.A.Q. Seinfeld: The Musical - Musical stuff related to seinfeld. Internal pop-up ad on each page. Have to wait to get rid of it. - Shots of Seinoff and Seinlanguage, original source of Seinfeld Celebrity DeathMatch Quiz - Continuously updated Seinfeld Quizzes as well as quizzes for other stuff. - Picture Gallery, Sounds, Video, Screensavers, Themes, Icons, Ep Guide, Quotes, Bios, Scripts - Great site loaded with links. Great place to go when you are bored.
Entertainment Weekly's Season 9 Guide - Episode Guide for Season 9 Seinfeld Meetup - A Site dedicated to helping people create a time and place to meet-up and discuss Seinfeld.
Entertainment Weekly's Seinfeld Guide - Episode Guide for Seasons 1-8, couple of articles Welcome to Seinfeld's Real New York - Real images of New York locations visited in Seinfeld
French Seinfeld Site - for the french peeps Yada, Yada, Yada - Read quotes and add your favorites from the most successful show about nothing.
Seinfeld Episode Guide - really nice design for seinfeld ep guide Jerry Seinfeld Live - Find out when stuff is live and order tickets
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