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Special Thanks to Kylah on our Board
NOTE: All ratings and comments are that of Kylah

Comments by Kylah
The Vinegar Chips
By: Dan Coogan
Elaine's grandfather is working on his will and may leave her a roller coaster. Kramer's great uncle invented the clown-ballon stands (you shoot water in their mouth and blow up the balloon) at all the amusement parks and somehow never got paid for the stand at Elaine's grandfather's park, so Kramer wants payment in the form of the roller coaster. Kramer thinks about going on a special diet. George and Jerry are along for the ride, supporting their friends, while discussing the finer points of food, diets, rehab, chickens, cows, Santa and bathrooms.
The Eccedentesiast
By: AstralCar
Elaine is accused of being an eccedentesiast whilst Kramer helps George in finding a place where he could listen to loud music. Jerry has a hard time confessing to his girlfriend about a sexual fantasy he had regarding her. Connection: The First of the AstralCar Scripts Well, there goes another one of Elaine's psychotic boyfriends. This was a really well done fic. The ending was really cute. Though I would've liked to see Kramer with his own plot, it was good anyway. Although, I did find Elaine and Jerry's personalities a little off. I've never heard
Elaine mention any of her ex-boyfriends when with another guy. I found Greg to be stranger then most of her boyfriends for his strange mind-changing tendencies. My Rating: 8 Rated: R for sexual content
The Bed
By: AstralCar
Elaine gets into a bothersome array of events after attending an Italian restaurant with the group one time too many. Jerry has to help her as well as Kramer who's having troubles with his reclineable bed. Meanwhile George's curt girlfriend is unhinging him. Connection: Takes place after "The Eccedentesiast". An overall well story. A few small mistakes but nothing too big. The "save the friendship" thing between Elaine and Jerry was a little out of the blue, though. Otherwise, very good story. All personalities well done. My Rating: 8 Rated: R for bad language
The Trojan War
By: AstralCar
Kramer gets obsessed with a substandard teen comedy, much to everyone's agony. George is having a hard time hitting on a co-worker whilst Jerry has to break-up with a girlfriend who keeps using annoying words. Connection: Takes place after "The Bed". This wasn't my favourite story, but I found Kramer's ending to be hilarious. I found that at some moments, the story seemed to drag on. I think AstralCar added too much conversations that really had nothing to do with the plot. My Rating: 6 Rated: PG for language
Grocery Store
By: Peerless Baun
The four go to the grand opening of a grocery store. George gets a bad cart. Kramer wants to test the coinstar machines. (Jerry and Elaine don't have main storylines) There were a few problems with this fanfic. I don't understand how the employee could keep track of Elaine's time in a grocery store. If the grand opening was that big that the whole gang went, I'd think that there would be so many people there that employees would have enough trouble as it was without concerning over Elaine's purchases and George's stranded cart. Neither Jerry or Elaine have storylines. They just randomly do things and make comments and actions about everything. There were a few funny parts, though. My Rating: 3 Rated: G
Mr. Johnson
By: Caroline A. Green
George believes that big feet equals bit "it" and buys an enormous pair of shoes. Jerry is skeptical at first but, after he sees Elaine with a Newman looking guy with very big feet, he feels compelled to believe the theory. The thing about this fanfic is that there is only one plot, and all the characters revolve around it. Of coarse, there's nothing wrong with that. It's good to see people doing different things! Pretty funny, but some things were pretty strange. Personalities weren't loyal to the characters of Seinfeld (a big issue for me). Jerry and Elaine's in particular. What is with Jerry copying everything George says near the end of the fic? It's pretty annoying to read. Kramer hardly was mentioned at all! However, George's storyline was pretty funny and the
idea of Elaine going out with a "Newman" is a good idea. Too bad you didn't do more with it. My Rating: 6 Rated: PG
The Cereal
By: Eduardo Carouchio
Jerry's new girlfriend has strange eating habits. George is forced to work because of unfortunate office arrangements. Elaine's boyfriend is "too big". Kramer gets addicted to Jerry's girlfriend's cereal. Wow, this had quite a bit of sexual content. It had some funny parts,
but the ending seemed really unrealistic. Actually, George's whole plot wasn't very good considering it has already been featured in a Seinfeld episodes already. My Rating: 6 Rated: R for quite a bit of sexual content
The Change
By: Masmaster
It has been One Year, and the gang are out of prison. How will they adjust to the changes in their lives? The problem with this fanfic is that you stole material right from the show. It's okay to make a few references, but with this fic, it's flashback after flashback. There were some funny lines, but I found this story really dragged on. It was hard to rate since half of it was from real episodes. My Rating: 4 Rated: G
Elaine's new boyfriend serves her canned food. Kramer gets a computer, but has a hard time understanding the Internet Language. Jerry and George talk with Elaine and Kramer about their problems. I found the way Kramer misunderstood the computer lingo to be pretty stupid. I don't know if it was just the way you put it in the story, but for some reason it sounded retarded. Jerry had almost no plot, and neither did George. It was rather strange, and it wasn't really my type of humour. Though it was a funny idea to have Elaine's boyfriend serve her canned ravioli but you didn't really do much with the idea. My Rating: 2 Rated: PG for language.
The Potato Head
By: case785
George is discovered as the face of Mr. Potato Head. Elaine gets hooked on junk food. Kramer is out of Cuban cigars. Jerry girlfriend has a strange lifestyle. Well, any story with Newman in it IS GREAT!!! This story was very good,
except for the fact that Kramer has been out of Cuban cigars before, which wasn't very original. But still, it can't be perfect. Very well done! My Rating: 9 Rated: G
Where's Poppa?
By: StevenW
George goes down to the sperm bank to make a donation. Jerry discovers one of his "obsessed fans". Elaine gets locked out of her apartment. Kramer meets the perfect girl. This story was a lot better then I thought it was going to be. It was even quite funny. I found some things a little...strange though. My Rating: 7 Rated: PG
The Release
By: Joel Gomes
Jerry discovers that Newman is living in his apartment. Kramer tells him that Davola is in the prison too. Due to this, Jerry decides to try an escape. Connection: First of the Joel Gomes scripts. Takes place after "The Finale" First things first, "Benes" is spelled B-E-N-E-S. (If I hadn't checked up on it, I would've spelled it Benice, too). There are a lot of what I liked to call "dropped ideas". Which basically means you started up with many things, (such as Elaine asking Kramer for help) but never
followed-up on anything. There were also many things that I didn't really understand, but I don't know if that's because I didn't personally get it or what. I think it was suggested sexual activity but I'm not 100% on it. A few funny ideas and lines. My Rating: 6 Rated: PG for suggested sexual activity.
The Roommate
By: Joel Gomes
The group is out in the open trying to return to their lives. Kramer gives Elaine a dance lesson, while George tries to convince Jerry to accept him as his room-mate. Connection: Follows "The Release" My first comment is that the whole thing with Mr. Peterman wanting Elaine to dance for him is a little...weird. I always found Mr. Peterman and Elaine's "relationship" to be somewhat indifferent. However, fanfictions are supposed to be completely under the authors control, and they can change the characters' personalties and relationships to whatever they imagine. But I suggest that next time, you should maybe "ease" it up a bit instead of jumping head-first into an idea. I also don't think that Elaine would go "GEE!!" or giggle, and I don't care if it's a fanfic or not! I found George's date hilarious, but also extremely disgusting. Jerry and George's role is pretty entertaining, though it also is pretty "unseinfeldy". Their personalities are too different to ever be "combined". Overall, pretty funny ideas. My Rating: 7 Rated: PG for language
The Life Downtown
By: Joel Gomes
George decides to make some significant changes in his life. Elaine visits the men's bathroom. Connection: Follows "The Roommate" This is my favourite story out of The Release and The Roomate. Your stories seem to get better as they go on. Maybe you gain experience or something, I don't know. If a reader wants to just jump to a story and not read the stuff before it, I wouldn't advise against it. It's like watching a soap opera for the first time, even though it's been running for a few episodes. You'll catch-up pretty quickly. Elaine's storyline was "dropped" not much after it was mentioned. Joel, you should work on trying to get more storylines in there! This story was very funny, good job! My Rating: 8 Rated: PG for minor language
The Indian
By: Joel Gomes
Kramer discovers he is of native american descendant and decides to change his way of life. Connection: Follows "The Life Downtown" This is one of my favourite stories, it's REALLY cute. If you want to know more contact me through the Board. My Rating: 9 Rated: R for sexuality and language
The Pet Shop
By: Joel Gomes
Kramer and the recently returned Newman open a pet-shop. Meanwhile, Jerry's girlfriend has her dog stolen. Connection: Follows "The Indian" It only took the first sentence in for me to say this: WE ALL KNOW GEORGE HAS AN HUGE DISREGARD FOR HANDICAPPED PEOPLE!!! Why would Jerry act so surprised?? I mean, George pretended to be handicapped so he could get a job for crying out loud. Not only that, but I use handicapped toilets all the time...I didn't know people without disabilities weren't aloud to use them. When Victoria (Jerry's girlfriend) was thinking of buying a new dog after only three days, it seemed extremely unrealistic. I've lost a dog before, and it's not something that you can get over in three days, and I don't care if your George or one of Jerry's crazy girlfriends! I didn't really like the plot to this, but, as always, there were some funny lines. My Rating: 6 Rated: PG
The Tipping
By: Joel Gomes
Jerry doesn't tip a waitress and has to face the consequences of his actions. Elaine discovers that her boyfriend is a bissexual. There's a lot more happenning here but you'll only find out, if you read it. Warning: should be read as a one-hour episode. Connection: Follows "The Pet Shop" You really lost me on the Jerry and George dialogue. They were talking about straight-gay relationships or something and I was so confused I almost skipped it. I found Jerry and George's conversations about Elaine's love life to be somewhat out of character. Since when do they ever talk about anything but themselves and their own problems?? I know that I'm supposed to be all "nice" with the gay relationships, but they still kind of freak me out. So it's not really fair for me to judge this story. But I did my best! My Rating: 6 Rated: R for sexuality
The Sex Issues
By: Joel Gomes
Elaine is dating a film director. Jerry and George are having trouble with their girlfriends. Connection: Follows "The Tipping" This is actually pretty funny for this kind of...content. A sexual theme like this isn't really "up my alley" at all, but this is one of the best ones I have read of this "manner". I don't think that Elaine would consider such a job, but I guess even in the Seinfeld series she often seemed to "surprise" us. I found it based to much around Elaine (who I'm starting to think might be Joel's favourite character), and not enough around the others. Particularly Kramer. His last comment was pretty out-of-the blue, and I would've put it at the beginning and had Kramer getting over his "problem" through-out the story. I have to admit that this fic definitely kept my interest, (where I find that other Joel Gomes fics have too much "randomness" and get kind of boring.) My Rating: 8 Rated: R for sexual content
The Computer
By: Joel Gomes
George has sex with his boss' wife and accidentelly gets caught on video. Jerry is in trouble with his girlfriend due to some "massage" issues. Connection: Follows "The Sex Issues" Wow, too sexual stories in a row. Is it just me, or are all character's personalities completely disregarded in this fanfic? Jerry is acting like some sort of mutated George and George...isn't acting like George. The thing about Seinfeld is that it DID have a limit to it's sexual content. The biggest thing they did was orgasms and masturbation. And that's only two episodes. The other things are fairly small and don't go into detail. (Not that this fic did, but oral is a little strange to put in a Seinfic, don't you think?) My Rating: 5 Rated: R for sexual content
The Borrowed Book
By: Joel Gomes
Due to his forced agreement with his boss, George his trying to set him up with his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Jerry has a book to return and Elaine is dating a masseuse. Connection: Follows "The Computer"  

The Beatle Pillows
By: Pjazz

A Beatle fan causes problems for Jerry and Elaine. George irritates astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Kramer and Jackie Chiles sue a pogostick company.
The Mockney
By: Pjazz
Jerry's girlfriend has an infuriating M and M habit. Elaine dates a cockney. George thinks he's discovered a cure for baldness.
The gang visit a swimming pool. (This script is loosely based on 'The Parking Garage' episode.)
Kramer builds a boxing ring in his apartment. George pretends to be blind to get a date. Elaine has the biggest catfight of her life.
Kramer and Newman suspect Elaine's new boyfriend is a vampire.

The Tessmacher Chair
By: Michael Boyd

Jerry is dating the owner of a lingerie shop. George and his girlfriend go there and George falls in love with an antique chair.
The Slaw
By: Glen Eric Reed & Michael A. Weintraub
George wins a VCP and the group goes with him to the mall to collect the prize. They end up separated as expected. Jerry and Kramer go to a place that has great colesaw; Elaine has trouble choosing between two identical pairs of sunglasses and George tries to buy himself a Mr. Goodbar. This was enjoyable to read and it looked like the authors spent a fair amount of effort writing this. George's plot wasn't very original, but it was still pretty funny. (AN: Just for fun, this was the first fanfiction I ever read! The first time I read it was about a year ago!)
My Rating: 8 Rated: G
The Snapple Bottle
By: R. P. Philips
Kramer buys a soda fountain. Elaine is trying to get revenge on her boyfriend after he spills wine over her dress without apologizing.
The Documentary
By: unknown
Kramer finds a camera in the trash and joins Newman to shoot a documentary about everything. George is dating a bald woman with a very peculiar name and asks Jerry for Elaine to join them for dinner.

The Christmas Episode
By: GProopdog

The 4 friends try and buy gifts for each other in the mall and get into some altercations with people in the process.
The Bus
By: Masmaster
Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine take the bus to see an old friend.
The Cat
By: Sherman Krysher
By: Major Houlihan
The Seinfeld gang is in OZ! This was a great story and very enjoyable to read. Although I've never really watched the show OZ, the plots weren't very difficult to follow and everyone seemed somewhat in character. I usually don't like cross-overs, but this one was one of the best! My Rating: 10 Rated: R
The Plumbing Prince
By: Keith McDuffee
George feels the US postal service is out to get him, Jerry has plumbing problems, and Kramer reveals a little known secret
The Psychic Buddy
By: JeffSquared
Kramer markets a "psychic" coin.
The Grass Skirt
By: Pjazz
Kramer and George start a new religion - the Church of Kramerica. Jerry has underwear trouble with an attractive new tenant. Elaine wears a grass skirt.
The Laryngitis
By: Pjazz
Kramer loses his voice. George's dip in a jacuzzi is an embarrassing experience. Elaine decides she'd like a little less conversation in the bedroom.
The Fetish
By: Pjazz
Jerry offends a magician. Elaine's feet become objects of affection. George blows his second chance with Marisa Tomei. With a special Guest Appearance by Hugh Grant.
The Hooker
By: Pjazz
A hooker causes trouble for Elaine. Jerry has oral problems. Kramer juices his meals and George contemplates his final resting place.
The Hollywood
By: Pjazz
Jerry has language problems, Elaine gets a hollywood, Kramer constructs a matchstick statue of liberty and George dates a very tall woman.
Elaine is upset when an artist paints her nude and takes drastic action to destroy the painting.
The Soup Nazi returns. Joe Davola stalks Elaine. Jerry meets a girl who takes her best friend on dates.
The Talent Agency
By: Ricardo
The Opposite of Something
By: Dana Goudreault
This is a Simpsons fic involving the Seinfeld classic "The Opposite." Homer decides to do the opposite of every intuition he has after watching a certain syndicated sitcom on late night TV.
Seinfeld Meets Frasier
By: Theodore Jamison
The High School Reunion
By: charlidontsurff
Jerry and George attend their 20th reunion This was an excelent story with a really unpredictable ending. It was very well written and the Kramer plot was great! Although, it was a little confusing about 3/4 of the way through, but I may have just missed something. You should DEFINATLY write more! My Rating: 9 Rated:
PG (for the word "sex")
The Finale
By: Scott Schmitt
Some dude's finale
The TV Repairman
By: Roger Hupfauer
Little Jerry Junior
By: Israel Cilio
The Dollar Store
By: J.S. aka puffyshirt
The Follower
By: Sam LiButti
The Buttons
By: Josh Fagan
Jerry loses a warm friend while Elaine gets her buttons pressed. Kramer starts sleuthing and George might be shedding.
The Cowboy
By: Josh Fagan
Jerry loses his agent but gains a friend. George indulges in some misdirection. Elaine is in the driver's seat of her new relationship. Kramer represents more than he bargains for.
The Scared
By: Josh Fagan
Jerry finds out nice isn't always nice, and cuts a checque to prove it. Kramer is less-than-gracious in receipt. Elaine's fax machine has its wires crossed. George dips once too often into the cookie jar.
The Competitor
By: Josh Fagan
Kramer picks up more than a pen when he decides to write a book. George decides to hit the ground sleeping, and he's fighting mad. Elaine faces off against a competitor. Jerry waxes philosophic on perversion, the calendar year, and bedtime routine.
The Four Ply
By: David Adler
Jerry's new girlfriend is quite the treasure. Kramer's new job is hot off the press. George learns that "X" marks the spot. Elaine's a giving person, but she's not in the giving mood.
The Surprise Party
By: David Adler
George has an emasculating moment. Jerry nears a mid-life crisis and laments the excitement of a birthday. Elaine throws a surprise party. Kramer succumbs to old age.
The Flood
By: David Adler
Jerry's embarrassing story of unwanted arousal has sudden significance for George. The Drake is homeless, but he's still got the TV. Kramer takes over as the building's Super for the weekend. Jerry redecorates.
The Bad Laughers
By: David Adler
The gang goes to the movies, where they meet a couple of "bad-laughers." George gets "soaked" by a dishonest concession stand employee. When Elaine falls asleep during the show, Jerry decides to leave her in the theater.
The Shortcuts
By: David Adler
Jerry ditches the sarcasm and becomes a "normal guy," finding himself on the outs with George and Elaine. And the old-fashioned girl he starts dating turns out to not be quite so old-fashioned after all. Kramer sells "shortcut maps" of New York
The Archies
By: David Adler
Elaine dates a man named Archie Andrews, and the whole Seinfeld crew gets dragged into Riverdale (Not literally). Kramer and Newman build a miniature New York City in Jerry's apt. George finds a long-lost, stolen car. Jerry is caught between two women
The Doc With No Name
By: David Adler
Elaine dates a "brain-less" surgeon. Jerry dates a "lap-sitter" and finds he has lost his comedic touch. Kramer coaches Mickey's basketball team for midgets. George meets a worse person than him, and "Can't-stand-it."
The Mall Jail
By: Jonathon Tuttle
Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer get caught scrapping by a security guard and end up in Mall Jail.
The Feeding Tube
By: Rob Holecko
The Unmuggables
By: Paul Conley
The Button
By: Matt Sanders
The Pit Stain
By: Pete F.
The Paycheck
By: Ben Marincic
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