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The Follower
The Follower
By Sam LiButti

George and jerry eating "Brunch" at monks

Waiter hands them the Special "Brunch menu"

George: Why do they call it Brunch?

Jerry: it's a fusion of lunch and breakfast.

George: no, no you can't fuse meals.

George: this is why they should have rules

Jerry: Rules, for eating?

George: yes, up to 10 is breakfast, then up to 12 is lunch from there on ...whatever

Jerry: very nice system you have there George.

George: Thank you.

Just then Kramer walks in

Jerry: Hey Kramer,

George: Hey.

Kramer: what's with the new menus

George: their brunch menus.

Kramer:  Brunch?

Jerry: yea it's a fusion of lunch and breakfast.

Kramer: Aww, well you can't fuse meals!

George: that's what I said

Kramer: ya know if they're gonna fuse anything why not lunch and dinner.

Jerry: There the same thing really, and anyway what would you call it??

Kramer:…. Dinnunch?

George: no, no linner sounds much better, dinnuch sounds like your trying to hard..

Kramer: it sounds perfect.

Jerry: they both sound stupid.

Kramer: You're just jealous that we came up with it and you cant have in on the deal.

Jerry: What Deal!!!

Kramer: Hey my friend larry and me are going to the movies ya wanna come?

Jerry: Sure what movie?

Kramer: im not sure… he didn't say.

Jerry: well we can always pick one while where there.

George: Hey where is Elaine? I haven't seen her all day.

Jerry:  she went on a business trip, im no sure where, but she said she'd give me a call when she got there anyway.

George: Oh.

End scene

At Elaine's business trip.
Elaine: where's the US embassy around here…

Wonders around street

Elaine: I gotta call Mr. Peterman to see where my apartment is…

End scene. We see Jerry with Kramer's friend Larry in a line at the theater.

Jerry: so what do ya want to see?

Larry: hmm… how about "death quest" it seems to be pretty good.

Jerry: alright, whatever.

Kramer walks up,

Jerry: what took you so long!

Kramer: well I forgot to bring money for the cab..

Jerry:  so what did you do?

Kramer: ….i ran.

Jerry: so we where thinking of seeing " Death quest"

Kramer: Ah no! That movie looks horrible!

Larry: yea it looks bad.

Kramer: We should see, "A clown odyssey" its action, romance and comedy rolled up into one bundle of greatness, its practically Genius jerry!

Larry: yea I agree, its great.

Jerry looks at Larry suspiciously

Jerry: ok…

Scene ends.

In jerry's apartment.

George: so how was the movie.

Jerry:  fine, we saw "a clown odyssey"

George: was it good?

Jerry: it was ok.

Jerry: but the weird thing is me and Larry agreed on seeing "death quest" but once Kramer came and said he wanted to see " A clown Odyssey" Larry agreed saying that "Death quest didn't look that good" after he clearly stated before that he thought it would be a good movie!

George:  you know what it is… hes a "follower"

Jerry: Follower, What's that?

George: when someone follows what other people say just to fit in, they find out what you like and then, like it to.

Just then Kramer slides through the door.

Kramer gets something out of Jerry's Fridge

Jerry: Kramer you gotta do something about your friend.

George: Ya, hes a follower.

Kramer: Larry? Nah hes not a follower, we just happen to have a lot in common that's all.

Jerry: But last night he told me he wanted to see Death quest, but when you said you wanted to see "A clown odyssey" he agreed with you and said that he didn't want to see Death quest.

Kramer: Maybe he changed his mind…

Jerry: but how can you be sure.

George: simple, next time you see him say you like something, see if he agrees then Kramer disagree and see if he follows you.

Jerry: is this the best thing you can apply your brain to.

George: yes… yes it is.

We now visit Kramer, and Jerry at monks waiting for Larry to arrive.

Jerry: here he comes.

Larry enters monks

Larry: Kramer Jerry! What's going on!

Jerry:  im fine.

Kramer: hey.

Kramer: I gotta go to the bathroom.

Kramer leaves.

Jerry: I think ill get a cup of coffee and a sandwich.

Larry: that sounds good, I think ill get the same,  I love sandwiches.

Jerry: yea.

Kramer sits down at the table and waves over a waiter standing by the door.

Jerry: I think ill have a coffee and a turkey sandwich.

Kramer: Aw, I hate sandwiches, ill get a baked potato.

Larry: yea me to, ill get the same.

Jerry: has a serious look on his face.

Jerry: Kramer can I talk to you. Kramer makes "Kramer like noises"

Kramer and jerry walk away.

Jerry: I told you!

Kramer: but you don't understand, you can't do this, you can't just break the Bridge between our worlds, it will destroy both of us if you tell him hes a follower!

Jerry: I have to do it Kramer!!

Jerry walks back to Larry

Jerry: listen Larry, there's something I have to tell you,  you're a follower.

Larry: huh?

Jerry: you agree with whatever Kramer says, you don't make your own decisions, you just live off of other peoples so you can fit in.

Larry: you agree with this Kramer?

Kramer nods.

Larry: well if that's how you see me then im outa here! And ill get my revenge, oh you wait and see!

Larry stomps out of the restaurant.

Kramer shivers

Kramer: told ya.

End scene.

George is walking down the street when he sees a wallet on the ground. He picks I up and it's filled with money, lots of money. George looks around him and then puts the money in his pocket.

Jerry's Apartment.

Intercom thing goes off.

George: its me

Jerry: come up.

A little bit later George enters the room.

George: wait till ya here this!

Jerry: they found a cure for baldness.

George: no, I found a wallet today, and it had $550 in it.

Jerry: and you took it all.

George: yes, finally God has blessed me with some luck.

Jerry: yea im sure god fully approves of stealing money out of some guys wallet.

George sits on the couch counting his money with a smile on his face.

Just then Kramer slides in with Newman not so far behind him.

Jerry: Hello, Newman

Newman: Hello, Jerry.

Jerry: so Kramer what up?

Kramer: I was wondering, if you had a Yalmulke?

Jerry: maybe why.

Kramer: im making a Christian Yalmulke.

Jerry: Christian Yalmulke

Kramer: ya, well if Jew can have little hats why not Christians!

Jerry: How do you make a Christian Yalmulke?

Kramer: just take a Yalmulke and… Jesus it up.

Jerry shakes his head; as he goes in his room and comes out holding a Yalmulke.

Kramer: thanks buddy.

Jerry: no problem.

Newman: bye… Jerry.

Jerry slams door in Newman's face.

George: well anyway im going to go spend my money, maybe ill buy a suit, wanna come?

Jerry: no thanks. I have a gig tonight im gonna work on my material,

George: ok cya.

George exits room.

George is in a suit store, trying on a nice suit.

George: hmm I think ill take it.

Woman: ok ill just go ring it up.

Woman: ok that will be… $212

George: all right.

Hands the woman money.

The woman marks the money.

Woman: um.. ill be right back.

Woman calls police.

Scene ends.

Back at Kramer's apartment, Newman is donning the new "Christian Yalmulke" which is covered in crosses.

Newman: how do I look?

Kramer: perfect! Ill go take it to the Church.

Kramer is walking down the street wearing his Christian Yalmuke when he notices Larry in the distance.

Larry: KRAMER!!

Larry is chasing after Kramer, Kramer runs as fast as he can as he hails a cab. A cab rolls up.

Kramer: you gotta get me outa here im being chased by a mad man!

Cab driver: well, well, well look who it is. The man who didn't want to pay for his cab ride.

Kramer: comon I need to get out of here, im sorry!!

Cab driver: to bad!

He drives off as Kramer is tackled to the ground by Larry, his Yalmulke flys into the street and is run over by a fleet of cars.

Kramer: my Yalmulke!

Larry: your Jewish.

Kramer: no, it was a Christian Yalmulke.

Comedy Club. Jerry is going over his material; he then sets it down, when he sees Banya.

Jerry tries to act like he doesn't see him but Kenny sees jerry.

Banya: HEY!  Jerry what's going on! Im up next when are you up?

Jerry: uh, im up after you.

Banya: that's great, I got some killer material Jerry it Great stuff!

Jerry: yea that's nice Banya, excuse me I have to go to the bathroom.

Jerry Comes out of the bathroom as Banya is doing "his" act. Jerry notices the jokes,

Jerry:  where's my material?

Banya walks off stage.

Banya: hey jerry, I thought my material was good but then I found this paper on the counter, it was just lying there! It's Golden Jerry!

Jerry: yea… well.

A man in a suit cuts off Jerry.  

Man: hi im Roger Compton, and I just thought you where fabulous Mr.Banya.

Banya: oh thanks!

Roger: I would like to book you as the opening act for Robin Williams, hes doing a show here in New York and I think you'll be great!

Banya: Really! Thanks!

Jerry looks upset and slams head on table.

Jerry: listen Banya, that was my material, so could you just give it back?

Banya: listen jerry, if you're trying to steal my material, it wont work.

Jerry: But it's mine! I set it on the counter.

Banya: listen Jerry I'll make a deal with you…. 100 bucks for the whole thing.

Jerry: … All right!

Jerry pays Banya, then leaves store.

Man: Jerry your next wear are you going?

Jerry continues to walk out the door.

Scene ends.

Suit store.

The store is filled with policemen who are arresting George because the money he was using happened to be counterfeit

George: I swear it's not my money! I found it on the ground

Police man: that's what they all say.

Just as the officer is taking George out of the store, George spots Jerry walking by.

George: jerry! Tell these guys that I found that money on the street! It was counterfeit and they think it was mine.

There's a slight pause.

George: Jerry, jerry!

Jerry: I have never seen this man in my life.

George screams as he is hauled into the police car.

Jerry's apartment.

Kramer comes in bruised up.

Jerry: what happened

Kramer: I saw Larry in the street,  he broke my Yalmulke! Hey, Where's George.

Jerry: Jail.

Kramer: Ah.

Newman enters

Kramer: Hey Newman.

Newman: so what did the father say?

Kramer: I never got it there; it got ran over by some cars.

Newman: I thought you would mess up , so I made an extra. And the father liked it! Soon the whole world will be covered with our Christian Yalmulkes and we'll be rich!

Jerry: you cant make money off of Yalmulkes there free.

Newman: Those are Jewish Yalmulkes, but these, these are the start of a new era; you just wait Jerry Seinfeld, just wait.

Jerry shakes his head as Newman Exits.

Jerry: I wonder what happened to Elaine, she never called.

Buisness trip.

Elaine: Where is the embassy!  Im stranded ill never make it home..

Begins to sob.

Woman: do you need help?

Elaine: OH! You speak English! Can you take me to the US embassy?

Woman: what do you mean I speak English, we all speak English

Elaine looks at her with a mad look on her face.

Cue Theme music roll credits.

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