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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 95
First Aired: December 8, 1994
Writer: Carol Liefer & Marjorie Gross
Director: David Owen Trainor

Guest Stars: Joseph R. Sicari (as Willie) Arminae Azarian (as Saleswoman) Mitzi McCall (as Donna) Richard Marion (as Guy) Vicki Lewis (as Ada) Thomas Mills (as Moviegoer) Glynis McCants (as Woman) Courtney Taylor (as Attractive Applicant) Steve Hytner (as Bania)


Jerry confronts his dry cleaner, whom he spotted wearing a jacket that he brought in for cleaning. George passes over hiring an attractive secretary for a less attractive one, he thinks he'll be able to get some work done; however, the secretary's efficiency turns him on, so he gets her a raise and then she makes more than he does. Kramer gets Uma Thurman's phone number and sells Bania his suit at a women's clothing store then he hides in a dressing room until he can get some clothing. At this same store, Elaine tries to buy a dress, but is unsatisfied with the size of the mirrors in the store.

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