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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 93
First Aired: November 10, 1994
Writer: Fred Stoller
Director: Andy Ackerman

Guest Stars: Tracy Kolis (as Kelly) Daniel Gerroll (as Simon) Linda Wallem (as Hildy) Lawrence Mandley (as Manager / Monk's) Michael Kaplan (as Waiter) Steve Hytner (as Bania)


Elaine brings over a man she met in England and he turns out to be a real bounder. Jerry accepts an Armani suit from an obnoxious comedian, the only condition, he must treat him to a meal at a restaurant; however, what makes up a meal. George goes for a walk with a waitress from Monk's and manure in the path sums up his relationship with her. After his kidney stone, Kramer decides to eat only fresh foods.

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