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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 82
First Aired: April 28, 1994
Writer: Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld & Tom Gammill & Max Pross
Director: Tom Cherones

Guest Stars: Michael G. Hagerty (as Rudy) Dorien Wilson (as Alec) Annie Korzen (as Doris Klompus) Judge Reinhold (as Aaron) Lisa Pescia (as Joanne) Melanie Smith (as Rachel) Jerry Stiller (as Frank) Estelle Harris (as Estelle) Barney Martin (as Morty) Liz Sheridan (as Helen) Sandy Baron (as Klompus)


Jerry's parents are staying with him while they wait to take their trip to Paris and he's just returned from three weeks on the road can't get anytime alone with his girlfriend. George tries to get out of the big brother program, just after he gets talked into it. The Seinfelds avoid the Costanza's dinner invitation. Elaine's latest boyfriend, who's a "close talker," becomes unusually fixated on Jerry's parents and shows them New York City. Kramer makes a deal with Jerry's father to sell belt-less raincoats to a secondhand shop and George sells his father's moth-ridden cabana style clothing, right before they plan a cruise.

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