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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 75
First Aired: December 16, 19993
Writer: Bruce Kirschbaum
Director: Tom Cherones

Guest Stars: Kay E. Kuter (as Older Priest) Molly Hagan (as Sister Roberta) Tom Verica (as Doctor) Kimberley Campbell (as Tawni) Jana Marie Hupp (as Sasha) Bill Rose (as Younger Priest) Randy Brenner (as Waiter) Darlene Kardon (as Mrs. Lupchek) Karen Rizzo (as Woman Hailing Cab) Jerry Stiller (as Frank) Estelle Harris (as Estelle)


George changes his religion to Latvian Orthodox to keep his girlfriend who must break up with him for religious reasons. Jerry finds a tube of fungus cream in his girlfriend's medicine cabinet and fakes an illness until he can figure out what the cream is used for. He asks Elaine to ask her current boyfriend who's a podiatrist. Kramer meets a sister at George's new church who becomes infatuated with him.

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