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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 61
First Aired: April 15, 1993
Writer: Larry David & Peter Mehlman
Director: Tom Cherones

Guest Stars: Michael Des Barres (as Restaurateur) Nick Bakay (as Carl) Kari Coleman (as Allison) Taylor Negron (as Hairdresser) Courtney Gains (as Clerk) Raf Mauro (as Car Washer) Viveka Davis (as Mona) Robert Noble (as Salesman) Patricia Place (as Wife) Walt Beaver (as Husband) Heidi Swedberg (as Susan)


The strong body odor of a valet is left in Jerry's car. George can't believe it when he spots Susan holding hands with another woman. Elaine loses her current boyfriend and Jerry is forced to try to sell the car, because the odor has taken a life of its own and permeated everything. George is turned by Susan's new outlook on life. Susan's friend is swayed to heterosexuality by Kramer, though later turned back off by a whiff of a jacket that Kramer borrowed from Jerry. When the car can't be sold, Jerry winds up leaving it and the keys out on the street.

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