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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 52
First Aired: November 25, 1992
Writer: Larry Charles
Director: Tom Cherones

Guest Stars: Jennifer Lynn Campbell (as Tia) Scott Burkholder (as Prisoner) Jim J. Bullock (as Attendant #1) Allan Wasserman (as Grossbard) Lenny Rose (as Passenger #1) Karen Denise Williams (as Attendant #2) Annie Korzen (as Passenger #2) Deck McKenzie (as Security Guard) Maggie Egan (as Ticket Clerk) Mark Christopher Lawrence (as Sky Cap) Jack Graiman (as Cop) William Evan Masters (as Driver)


When their flight home gets canceled, Jerry & Elaine gets on another flight, the latter gets cramped into coach and Jerry parties in 1st class with a model. George and Kramer go between JFK and La Guardia to pick them up. When they settle on an airport George meets a convict and Kramer sees a man who owes him $240 from years ago.

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