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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 39
First Aired: February 4, 1992
Writer: Larry David & Greg Daniels
Director: Tom Cherones

Guest Stars: Zachary Charles (II) (as Angry Man) Wayne Knight (as Newman) Lee Arenberg (as Mike Moffit) Jay Brooks (as Sid) Maryedith Burrell (as Maryedith) Shannon Cochran (as Sheila) Michael A. Costanza (as Truck Driver) Mik Scriba (as Cop #1) John Christian Graas (as Matthew) Stan Sellers (as Cop #2) Peggy Lane O'Rourke (as Bystander #1) Steven Marcus Gibbs (as Bystander #2) Larry David (as Voice of Fight Referee (uncredited))


Kramer tells Jerry about something his friend Mike said about Jerry being "a phony." After borrowing Jerry's car, Elaine comes up with a wild story, because the car is now making a strange clanking noise. George gets into a confrontation with Mike about a parking space in front of Jerry's apartment. Everyone one the street debates about parking etiquette.

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