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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 38
First Aired: March 25, 1992
Writer: Larry David
Director: Tom Cherones

Guest Stars: Catherine Keener (as Nina) Richard Venture (as Leonard West) Elliot Reed (as Mr. Armstrong) Elliott Reid (as Mr. Armstrong) Justine Johnston (as Mrs. Armstrong) Shashawnee Hall (as Usher) Richard Fancy (as Mr. Lippman)


Kramer poses for a painting, that an elderly couple becomes just crazy about. George feels obligated to buy something when he accompanies Jerry to his new girlfriend's art studio. Elaine wears an Orioles baseball cap in the owner's box at Yankee Stadium and refuses to remove it. Jerry finds out his new girlfriend is a plagiarist after he hears the words she wrote in a letter, on television. Elaine gets a chance to return to Yankee Stadium.

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