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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 32
First Aired: January 29, 1992
Writer: Tom Leopold
Director: Tom Cherones

Guest Stars: Wayne Knight (as Newman) Gina Gallego (as Gina) Mimi Lieber (as Rula) C.E. Grimes (as Martin) Howard Schecter (as Doctor) Howard Shecter (as Doctor) Aimee Aro (as Faithy) Peggy Lane O'Rourke (as Nurse) Pegg Lane O'Rourke (as Nurse)


Elaine needs to fast before an x-ray, so she tries stuffing herself three days before the test. After his neighbor Martin tries suicide, Jerry is hit on by his girlfriend, Gina, while at the hospital. A psychic warns George to cancel his vacation to the Cayman Islands, but never can tell George why. Jerry becomes worried when Newman (a friend of Martins) sees him with Gina. Elaine starts hallucinating from hunger. Everything hinges on a Drake's coffee cake.

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