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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 156
First Aired: May 15, 1997
Writer: Alec Berg & Jeff Schaffer
Director: Andy Ackerman

Guest Stars: Raquel Welch (as Herself) Molly Shannon (as Sam) Amanda Peet (as Lanette) Joe Urla (as Dugan) Victor Raider-Wexler (as Doctor) Peter Dennis (as Lew) Tucker Smallwood (as Malcolm) Wayne Wilderson (as Walter) Blake Gibbons (as Lyle) Adrian Sparks (as Man) Jane A. Johnston (as Woman) Lauren Bowles (as Waitress) Sue Goodman (as Clerk) Neil Flynn (as Cop #1) Tom Michael Bailey (as Cop #2) Denise Bessette (as Therapist) Dave Mandel (as Himself) John O'Hurley (as Peterman)


George discovers he has a severance package from the Yankees that should last him about 3 months. He decides that he is going to take the summer off. Jerry is going to the Tony Awards and so is Kramer. Jerry has a real seat; Kramer is a seat filler. Elaine critiques a co-worker who walks with no arm movements and is accused of being "catty." Jerry's picks up his date, only to find out that she has a man living with her. Kramer gets a Tony Award for a musical in which Raquel Welch is the star. Elaine tries to work things out with her co-worker, to no avail. Kramer uses his Tony as a ticket into a place he really shouldn't be, Sardi's, where the producers of "Scarsdale Surprise" have a proposition for him. Jerry's date decides to commit to him. Elaine's complaints to men about her co-worker only seem to pique their interest in the possibility of a cat fight. Jerry's girlfriend begins to wear him out; she is always on the go. George suggests that perhaps they team up to handle Lanette. To keep his Tony award, Kramer must fire the non-arm swinging Raquel Welch from the production. Jerry goes on a date and needs George to handle the invitations for Lanette's party. He is not to skimp, this time. Kramer does his duty and pays a price. A mad Raquel walking down the street gets into a cat fight with a woman who she thinks is making fun of her, Elaine. George gets distracted and slips on an invitation. Twenty-two episodes later the gang is back where they were a year ago, only this time George is the one in a hospital bed.


Writer Dave Mandel makes an apperance as the guy who wants George to play frolf with them.

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