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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 154
First Aired: May 1, 1997
Writer: Jennifer Crittenden
Director: Andy Ackerman

Guest Stars: Lauren Graham (as Valerie) Louan Gideon (as Valerie's Mother) Victoria Mahoney (as Gladys) Michael Laskin (as Minkler) Bruce Jarchow (as Mooney) Maria Cina (as Saleswoman) Steve Koren (as Himself) Wayne Knight (as Newman) Richard Herd (as Wilhelm)


Jerry woos his girlfriend, Valerie in order to get a higher speed dial position on her phone. Jerry becomes number one on Valerie speed dial bumping her step-mother Mrs Hamilton and upsetting her. Kramer plans his New Years Eve Party for 1999, but learns that Newman has invited everyone to his. The Mets are offering a scouting job to George, only he must get fired to get out of his contract. George tries a number of stunts to get fired, including streaking across the field during a game but Steinbrenner won't fire him. Elaine is treated rudely at Putamayo Clothing Store, so she purchases a lot of Mayan clothing at another store, Cinco De Mayo only to learn that the two are owned by Gladys Mayo. Kramer helps Elaine ruin Glady's business by taking out the dessicant packets in the clothing, so that the clothes will be dried out in five years. Kramer dops one of the dessicant packets into dip whcih Miss Hamilton takes she becomes very ill. George is about to get fired but Willhelm wants to get fired so he tells Steinbrenner that he put George up to it. Willhelm joins the Mets.


The seed for the Putamayo storyline was planted when a rude florist refused to give Jennifer Crittenden a ribbon.

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