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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 153
First Aired: April 24, 1997
Writer: Peter Mehlman & Jill Franklyn
Director: Andy Ackerman

Guest Stars: Robert Wagner (as Dr. Abbott) Jill St. John (as Mrs. Abbott) Debra Messing (as Beth) Suzanne Cryer (as Marcy) Stephen Caffrey (as Arnie) Henry Woronicz (as Father Curtis) Monica Lacey (as Julie) Ali Marsh (as Karen) David Chandler (as Brian) Virginia Watson (as Nun) Walter Franks (as Waiter) Jerry Maren (as Dad) Danny Woodburn (as Mickey) Bryan Cranston (as Whatley)


Jerry is offended when his dentist Tim Whatley converts to Judaism so he can tell Jewish jokes and tells father Curtis on him. George's date Marcy, constantly uses Yada yada yada in place of bad news and George and Elaine adopt this phrase for themsleves until George starts questioning what Marcy's yada yada really means. Kramer and Mickey meet Julie and Karen at the gap and go on a double date with them but don't know whcih girl like who. Elaine is asked to speak to the adoption agent, Brian on behalf of Beth and Arnie in their search for adoption. Elaine tells a story of when Arnie yelled at her at the movies and they are refused adoption, Arnie and Beth break up an Jerry tries to console her. Marcy skips out on a massage and a facial and in due course gets arrested. Kramer accuses Jerry of being an anti-dentite. Karen and Mickey get married but Karen really wanted Kramer.

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