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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 152
First Aired: April 10, 1997
Writer: Gregg Kavet & Andy Robin
Director: Andy Ackerman

Guest Stars: Stephen Lee (as Conrad) Vince Grant (as Hal) Angelo Tiffe (as Delivery Man) JoNell Kennedy (as Secretary) Mik Scriba (as Bomb Squad Guy) Terry Rhoads (as Father) Sid Newman (as Old Man) Kevin Keckeisen (as Brian) Kyle Sullivan (as Son) Richard Herd (as Wilhelm) Larry David (as Voice of George Steinbrenner (uncredited))


George starts taking naps under his desk as he's' being watching The Omen. Kramer starts going for swims in the East River. Elaine meets Hal who is concerned about her back. Jerry's carpenter Conrad always aks Jerry little questions, George gets him to build him a bed uder his desk. Hall sends Elaine a mattress but she gets the wrong idea. Steinbrenner comes in to George's office so George gets Jerry to pretend that there's a bomb threat. Jerry asks for strange demans. Conrad changes Jerry's kitchen and he is the only who likes it Kramer George and Elaine hate it.Hall suspects that Kramer is sleeping with Elaine but his mind is put to rest. Steinbrenner calls in the bomb squad and desroys George desk. Elaine does her back out while trying to move a mattress. Everyone starts swimming in the east river. George finds a new place to sleep Jerry's cabinet.

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