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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 150
First Aired: February 20, 1997
Writer: Steve O'Donnell & Daniel O'Keefe
Director: Andy Ackerman

Guest Stars: Jack McGee (as Ralph) George Cheung (as Owner) Kristin Davis (as Jenna) Wayne Knight (as Newman) Seraiah Carol (as Mrs. Allister) Radmar Agana Jao (as Delivery Boy) Walter Addison (as Man)


George tries to recover his lost Phil Rizutto Key chain. Elaine tries to get chinese food delivered. Jerry accidentally knocks his girlfriend Jenna's toothbrush into the toilet and goes to extreme measures to avoid germs. Kramer adopts a mile of highway. Jerry finally reveals to Jenna that he dropped her toothbrush in to the toilet so then she decides to put something of his in the toilet which drives Jerry into a state. Elaine pretends that a janitors closet is her apartment in order to get the
flounder George Kramer and Jerry pop in on her.George enlists the help of pothole workers to retrieve the phil Rizutto keychain but decides to do it himself.
Jerry breaks it off with Jenna after the toilet explodes thanks to George's interference with the pipes. While driving Jerry's car a sowing machine falls out and Kramer spills some chemicals. Newman mailtruck goes on fire.


In an episode of her pre-Seinfeld sitcom Day by Day Julia Louis Dreyfus is seen faking an address in order to receive delivery from her fave restaurant.

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