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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 149
First Aired: February 13, 1997
Writer: David Mandel
Director: Andy Ackerman

Guest Stars: John O'Hurley (as Mr. Peterman) Richard Herd (as Mr. Wilhelm) Lee Arenberg (as Mike Moffit) Shannon Kenny (as Allison) Megan Cole (as Peggy) Jane Edith Wilson (as Woman)


Kramer decides that daylight savins time isn't coming fast enough so he sets his watch ahead an hour. Peggy, a co-worker of Elaine's keeps on calling her Susie so Elaine pretends to be 2 different people. George's girlfriend wants to break up with him but keeps on avoiding her. Kramer bets with Jerry's money and then thinks Jerry roughed up bookie Mike Moffet (The Parking Space). Allison gets Kramer to communicate to George via her, he becomes George's girlfriend by proxy. Elaine and Jerry are in Jerry's car and decide to elimate Susie Mike Moffet who was accidentally knocked into the boot, thinks Susie is a real person. George thinks Allison is going to go to the ball but its turns out Kramer comes indead. Elaine reveals to Peterman that Susie took her own life. Elaine delivers the euology at Susie's funerla. Mike Moffett storms in the tell everyone Susie was murdered by Jerry. Peterman makes a foundation in Susie's honour and puts Elaine in charge.


Movie Moment: The scene when Mike breaks his thumbs is similar to a scene which occured in The Hustler.

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