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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 147
First Aired: January 30, 1997
Writer: Gregg Kavet & Andy Robin
Director: David Own Trainor

Guest Stars: Mark Harelik (as Milos) Ben Stein (as Shellbach) Joel Polis (as Reilly) Ivana Milavich (as Patty) Danny Strong (as Vincent) Richard Livingston (as Bill) Charles Kahlenberg (as Fred) Stan Sellers (as McAdam) Peggy Mannix (as Woman) Fatima Love (as Secretary) Nancy Linehan Charles (as Woman Executive) Jeff Hatz (as Manager (Gene))


George can't think of a comeback after getting zinged at a meeting. Elaine connects with a video store employee named Vincent. Kramer wants a living will with Elaine as an executrix. Jerry buys a racket from a tennnis shop pro but he turns out to be a hack. George tells his comeback to Jerry Kramer and Elaine but they don't find it funny and they give different retorts, which makes George angry. Milos, the tennis shop employee gets his wife Patti to seduce Jerry but she doesn't go ahead with it. Vincent feels betrayed at Elaine after she starts watching non Vincent pick movies. Milos asks Jerry if he can play badly just to gain the respect from his wife. George flies to Akrann Ohio to zing Reilly the guy who zined him earleir in the episode but when they just mock his comeback he reponds "oh yeah well I had sex with your wife" it turns out that his wife was in a coma. Milos begin to Jerry mad and accidentally lets go of his tennis racket which hits the tennis and then the ball hit Kramer on the head. Elaine disocvers that Vincent is a 15 year old. While at the hospital Elaine pulls out the plug from the outlet and Kramer wakes up thinking that he's dying. George still can't let the comeback issue go and goes bakc to respond to Reilly.


Originally Ben Stein was cast to play George's office adversary, but it was decided to make the character younger, so the new part of Shellback was written for Stein.

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