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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 145
First Aired: January 9, 1997
Writer: Jennifer Crittenden
Director: Andy Ackerman

Guest Stars: John Michael Higgins (as Kurt) Miguel Sandoval (as Marcelino) Andrea Bendewald (as Celia) Kathryn Joosten (as Betsy) Paul Perri (as Detective Banner) Al White (as Detective Udewitz) Ray Proscia (as Guard) Barney Martin (as Morty) Liz Sheridan (as Helen)


Jerry bounces a check at the market and gets ridiculed by Elaine
and George. Kramer gets a pet rooser and calls it Litte Jerry Seinfeld. Elaine dates a guy called Kurt who shaves his head. George visits a womans prison and starts dating a prisoner Celia he tells the benefits of dating her to Jerry much to George's delight. Marceleno who owns the market liked the way Little Jerry defends himself and Kramer gets him involved in a cock fight unaware of the repurcussions for Little Jerry, however Little Jerry wins his cock fight and Marcelino will take down the check only if Little Jerry deliberately loses. Celia is up for parole and George tells the head of the prison what she is going to get up to as he doesn't want her to be released. Kramer and Jerry train Little Jerry. Celia doesn't get her parole so she busts much to an elated and suprised George. George tells Kurt to try and keep his chin up because in some repect its the last year before he goes bald.
The police come in George's apartment and arrest Kurt beleiving he is George for aiding and abeting a fugutive.Kramer tires to get Litte Jerry out of the ring but feels the full wrath of the other rooster.

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