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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 144
First Aired: December 19, 1996
Writer: Spike Feresten
Director: Andy Ackerman

Guest Stars: Tom Gallop (as Alan) Ray Stricklyn (as Clarence) Diana Bellamy (as Mrs. Ricardi) Rick Hall (as Vet) Carl Banks (as Policeman #1) Barry Cutler (as Policeman #2) Kev O'Neil (as Waiter) Ossie Mair (as Driver) Fred Pinkard (as Old Man) Rene Weisser (as Ex-Girlfriend) Brian Blondell (as Dog Guy) Theresa Mulligan (as Woman) Florinel Fatulescu (as Stand Owner) Wayne Knight (as Newman) Estelle Harris (as Estelle) Jerry Stiller (as Frank)


Elaine dates a guy called Alan who is bad at breaking up. Kramer has a bad cough and decides to go to a veterinarian to get rid of it. Jerry and Kramer discover that Newman has being hiding his mail. George competes with a survivor of The Andrea Doria for an apartment when its discovered that less people had died than expected. Alan's snide remarks begin to effect Elaine. Jerry and Newman strike up an unlikely alliance as Newman has a chance of being transferred. Kramer begins to take on the characterisitics of a dog. the tennant board decide to listen to George's testimony and he meets Frank and Estelle to find out more about his childhood. Newmans hopes of getting a transfer are dashed when Jerry gives out too much mail. The tennant board feel sorry for George. Jerry tells Elaine to ignore Alan the next time she sees him but Elaine starts beating him up when he makes another remark. A girl from the restaurant informs Kramer and the police follow Kramer. Alan ends up getting the apartment after he gives the super $50.

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