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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 143
First Aired: November 21, 1996
Writer: Steve Koren
Director: Andy Ackerman

Guest Stars: Debra Jo Rupp (as Katie) Brenda Strong (as Sue Ellen) Bob Odenkirk (as Ben) Meagen Fay (as Mrs. Burns) Tamara Bick (as Louise) Alex Trebek (as Voice of Himself) Derek Jeter (as Himself) Bernie Williams (as Himself) Lawrence Mandley (as Larry the Cook) Fern Fitzgerald (as Ms. Wilkie) Noelle Balfour (as Waitress) Kyle Gass (as Smoker) Judy Kerr (as Woman) David Letterman (as Himself (uncredited)) Phil Morris (as Jackie Chiles)


George's girlfriend has mononucleosis so he can't have sex with her for six weeks, much to George's dismay but to his suprise becomes more intelligent. Elaine is dating someone who is almost a doctor named Ben and faces humilation when in front of Sue Ellen Mishke he can't help a person who has passed out., in order to pass his exams she stops having sex with her which results in the complete opposite effect for Elaine, she becmoes dumb. Jerry gets bumped from his career day twice. After Larry the monks owner refuses to allow Kramer to smoke, he sets up his own smokers lounge in his apartment with hilarious results.
George decides to help Jerry with his Junior High School talk. Elaine wants to have sex with Jerry to see it if her intelligence will return but Jerry doesn't allow if even though she suggests he can read the paper. Kramer contacts Jackie Chiles as he thinks he has a case against the tobacco company whcih runie his teeth and face.
George returns to his old self when he has sex with the portugeese waitress Jerry bombs at the junior high school, Ben dumps Elaine because he wants someone better, Kramer accepts Miss Wilke's offer before talking about it with Jackie. Jerry gets bumped from Letterman.

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