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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 141
First Aired: November 7, 1996
Writer: Steve O'Donnell, Tom Gammill & Max Pross
Director: Andy Ackerman

Guest Stars: James Patrick Stuart (as Brett) Gedde Watanabe (as Mr. Oh) Sab Shimono (as Executive #1) John Bowman (as Teddy) Jock Plotnick (as Crew Leader) George Wallace (as Doctor) Toshi Toda (as Mr. Tanaka) Goh Misawa (as Mr. Yamaguchi) Tony V. (as Clicky) Akane Nelson (as Executive #2) Cherie Hankal (as Nurse) Richard Herd (as Wilhelm)


Elaine's new boyfriend Brett is obsessed with designer furniture and the song Desperado, Jerry and Brett don't exactly hit it off with Brett aciting like he's better than Jerry and becomes hostile towards him. Jerry gets hundreds of twelve-cent royalty checks from an appearance he made on Japense Television, George suggests to Jerry that they approach a Japanese Corporation to try and convince them to go ahead with Jerry the pilot they did 4 years earlier but they are not impressed. Kramer helps out Japanesse Tourist but struggles to come to terms with the conversion rate, Brett gives Kramer a chest of drawers in which the Japanesse Tourists use for their beds. Brett refuses to let her share Desperado and then suggests songs to Jerry which don't go down well. Jerry gets a cramp in his hand from righting checks and attempts to release the tourists via an axe who had too much saccie in Kramer's hot tub but the tourists believe that he is triying to kill them and Brett thinks that Jerry is jealous of the cabinets which reults in Brett being hit in the head. George tihnkhs he has a deal with Japanesse TV but they have other ideas.


A second reference to the urban sombrero, Jerry's long time friend George Wallace makes a guest appearance as the doctor in the end of the episode.

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