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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 140
First Aired: October 31, 1996
Writer: Gregg Kavet & Andy Robin
Director: Andy Ackerman

Guest Stars: Joe Urla (as Dugan) Ned Bellamy (as Eddie) A.J. Langer (as Abby) Katie Layman (as Cynthia) Eddie Allen (as Doctor) Gwen McGee (as Janine) Lynn Manning (as Blind Man) Estelle Harris (as Estelle) Jerry Stiller (as Frank) Richard Herd (as Wilhelm) Steve Hytner (as Bania)


George has to read a book about Risk Management but discovers that blind people can get books on type so he plans to fail an eye test. Elaine promotes the mailroom psycho Eddie Sherman insead of firing him and causes a mutiny. Jerry's girlfriend Abbie's mentor is dating Kenny Bania. Kramer enlists Franks help to cook for 150 people on Jewish singles night but reveals something which happned in Vietnam. Abbie sees Bania's act and loses respect for her mentor, George pretends that he's a perfect mentor for Abbie and manipulates her for his own benefit so he can understand what Risk Mangement is all about. Bania asks Jerry to help him out with his material and in turn Jerry becomes his mentor, while Abbie and Jerry are arguing Their Risk Management and Ovaltine pieces get mixed up. Frank decides to cook for the Jewish singles night but his war memories come back to haunt him when he sees Eddie choking.

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